Developing Enterprise Applications with Azure

Developing Enterprise Applications with Azure

Application development is a key component for many company’s long-term and   short-term strategies. One of the biggest questions is, what platform do I develop on? Another is will that platform limit my salability and reachability to my customers? Microsoft’s Azure platform supports any operating system, language, tool and framework; from Windows to Linux, SQL Server to Oracle, C# to Java. Not only that, but also, iOS, Android, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby.

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Finding tools and development platforms for which to develop on and in Azure is no small list as you can see.  Why is that? Because developing is at the heart of what many companies are doing today to separate themselves from their competition. Apps on iOS, Android, tablets, mobile friendly web pages and then making them all sites that can be revenue producing too! From here companies can now market to their customers in real time about the things they are interested in. Today’s customer has become accustomed to being “in touch” all the time and they want apps that can help them stay in touch, how they want and when they want. 80% of all apps downloaded are used only once and then deleted. Creating apps that are “sticky” is the goal of many companies today. Let’s talk and see how Windows Azure can help your company create the next killer app in the market place!

For more information about Microsoft Azure check out the link here.

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