Azure Sentinel is Now Available

Azure Sentinel is Now Available

Azure Sentinel has been in preview mode before it was available for purchase, and now it’s here!
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Are you looking to simplify your security operations with one simple solution? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see threats coming and stop them before they happen? If you missed our previous webinar - Azure Sentinel – Security Information & Event Management Reinvented, Azure Sentinel is your answer to seamlessly collecting security data across your entire organization from devices, to users to apps and servers – on any cloud.

With more sophisticated attacks, high volumes of alerts, long resolution timeframes, and unnoticed threats, IT Security can be challenging. Azure Sentinel is a solution to provide you with intelligent security analytics that will simplify your security needs. Azure Sentinel can enable your organization to:

  • Collect data across your enterprise
  • Analyze & detect threats quickly
  • Investigate & hunt for suspicious activities
  • Automate common tasks & threat response

This solution is a birds-eye view across your organization, and ultimately relieving the stress of increasingly sophisticated malware attacks and threats. Essentially Sentinel is a monitoring system that logs data, including alerts, azure activity, sign-in logs, and other things, then analyzes and provides various statistics based on the logged data. Check out the webinar recording for more detailed information on how Azure Sentinel works…including a live demo!

When Azure Sentinel made its first public appearance in February 2019, it was in “preview” mode and not available for purchase. Features were not fully available, and pricing was unknown…until now. Azure Sentinel is now fully ready for purchase! So where do you start?

Azure Sentinel's Two Basic Pricing Models 

Sentinel has two basic pricing models, capacity reservations and pay-as-you-go.

First, let’s take a look at the difference between the two:

1) Capacity Reservation

A capacity reservation has a fixed fee based on a selected tier. Tiers are based on the amount of data (in GB) you estimate will be logged and analyzed in your network every day. The tiers begin with an estimated capacity of 100GB per day.

The benefit of the capacity reservation model is a pricing discount you would receive when compared to the pay as you go model.

Capacity Reservation Azure Sentinel now available

2) Pay-As-You Go

With Pay-As-You-Go pricing, you are billed per GB for the volume of data ingested in the Azure Monitor Log Analytics workspace. Typically, if your organization plans on having less than 69GB of data logged daily, the pay-as-you-go model is the better deal.

Pricing is also varied by server location. For example, below is the pricing based on the “US East” server location.

Pay As you go Azure Sentinel now available

Azure Sentinel – Logging & Analyzing

Here’s where it can become a little confusing. Sentinel does two things with data, it both logs and analyzes the data it receives. Therefore, the two pricing models apply to both logging and analytics separately. However, you cannot purchase data logging without analyzing or vice versa.

Azure Sentinel now available chart

  Capacity Reservation



  Data Monitoring and Analytics

  100GB/a day

  $196/a day

  Data Logging

  100GB/a day

  $100/a day

  Pay As You Go


  Data Monitoring and Analytics

  $2.30 per GB

  Data Logging

  $2 per GB


Data Retention

A great way to calculate pricing that would be specific to your organization is using this Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator. This calculator includes costs for both data logging and analytics. The price calculation is an optimal combination of both of Sentinel’s pricing models (pay as you go or capacity reservation) depending on how much the estimated “logs ingested” is.

Once you enable Azure Sentinel on your Azure Monitor Log Analytics workspace, every GB of data ingested can be retained at no charge for a period of time – for Data Logging, it is free for the first 90 days. For Data Monitoring and Analytics, each GB of data can be retained for free for up to 31 days. Once these time periods are up, it is $0.10 per GB per month.

Note – this pricing is for the East US region. To calculate for a different region, check here.

Contact Interlink

If your organization is looking into Azure Sentinel but doesn’t know where to start, Interlink is here to help. Whether you need to start by getting set up on Azure or are unsure how many GB of data you would use per day, Interlink can help guide your organization in the right direction.

Another option is checking out our Managed Services – Interlink has a Managed Security offer that can help your organization overcome these constantly evolving security threats. We can simplify your security process and take care of it all – with Interlink, your security needs will be in the right hands.

Contact us for more information, questions, or guidance on your Azure investments.

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