3 Key Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

3 Key Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Big Data is everywhere and growing every day. Not having enough data to make important decisions is usually not a problem for most organizations today. The challenge is how do you get at this data, consolidate it, synthesize it, and present it to users in a way that they can quickly leverage it.

That’s where Microsoft Power BI comes in. Power BI is a business analytics service that gives you a focused view of your most critical business data. It provides insights throughout your organization by making your vast amount of data consumable. The service allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, drive ad hoc analysis, and produce reports and dashboards to easily share relevant information. Data sources can be both inside or outside your organization.



3 Key Benefits of Having Power BI in Your Organization:

1) Eliminates spreadsheet gymnastics

Anyone who has ever done even basic analysis is aware of the difficulty in finding, collecting, and leveraging data they need for a specific project. The exercise usually involves downloading data into Excel spreadsheets, merging, creating pivot tables, and performing any number of gyrations to make the data usable. When you are done, you then must create your own graphs, charts and reports. This intense manual effort often results in inconsistent, unsatisfying results.

Power BI can reach into your disparate data bases and gather the data you need quickly and accurately. It then consolidates the data and presents it to you in a chart, report or dashboard so you can use it. You can spend your valuable time processing information, not gathering data.

2) Consolidates and standardizes Data

We’ve all been in meetings to discuss an issue and everyone comes in with a different source of data. Instead of spending an hour using the data to develop solutions to a problem or set a strategy, you waste time discussing where everyone got their data.

Power BI accesses all your data whether it be in Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data or in on-premises data bases. No matter where your data is located or what form it’s in, Power BI enables you to get a holistic view of the key metrics for your business. Power BI lets you collaborate with key stakeholders by providing everyone with the same relevant data.

3) Accelerates and improves decision making

Instead of being inundated with useless information, Power BI provides you with data that is consumable and can help you make the right business decisions. Power BI’s real-time personalized dashboards let you know instantly when your business needs attention and empowers your team to make quick, confident decisions with a single view of your business.

Data in the dashboards can be refreshed dynamically up to eight times a day or can be retrieved manually. You can explore your data in extreme detail using interactive reports and natural language queries. Power BI helps you make the best business decisions by providing you with the best data.

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