Bring Microsoft Teams to Any Meeting Space with Teams Room

In the modern work climate, it’s imperative that team members can effectively collaborate with each other from home, on the road, or in the office. This raises a critical question: how can you set your team up to truly get the most out of virtual meetings?

Introducing Microsoft Teams Room...

Microsoft’s answer to this is Microsoft Teams Room, which enhances collaboration by bridging the gap between in-person and virtual attendees. At Interlink, our large conference room is integrated with Microsoft Teams, and we love it:

  • The ability to sketch out ideas on the whiteboard and share them with a content camera for everyone to see makes a massive difference during sales training.
  • The smart camera makes it easy for everyone to introduce themselves during new hire welcome lunches.
  • The control console makes joining meetings seamless – plus, no one has to give up their laptop to host the meeting!
  • With the Interlink team’s sprawling US footprint, strong virtual collaboration helps us reduce travel costs and eliminate the lag in time that it takes to bring people together.

So, you’ve heard the case for a smart conference setup, but perhaps you’re wondering where to start: What equipment do you need? Do you want to set up your small, medium, or large conference room?  In the video below, Bring Microsoft Teams to Any Meeting Space, Microsoft dives into what equipment to look for and how to set it up optimally for various conference room sizes so you can optimally leverage the full suite of capabilities:


Want to set up Teams for successful collaboration at your organization?

Check out our on-demand webinar about Understanding Microsoft Teams Meeting & Conferencing.  Or contact us to schedule a time to come by our offices: we have all the gear to demonstrate to you including Surface Hub, large meeting room, small meeting room, content cameras, and more!