Keep the Cost of Employee Onboarding Down

Creating and licensing users can be a headache and potentially take up a ton of valuable time and resources. With Interlink's custom made tool, Onboarding Express, you can keep the cost and time spent to a minimum! With our tool, user creation in Office 365 becomes very easy and straight-forward. Our tool will pull new user data from your existing HR system or even a spreadsheet and automatically go through the provisioning process to create new users in Active Directory, build a mailbox in Exchange/Exchange Online, and apply the appropriate license.


  • Let IT Spend Their Time Where It Matters
    • Creating and licensing new users with license provisioning can typically take up to an hour per each new user. Let Onboarding Express take care of the grunt work so your IT staff can spend their time on more important things.

  • Minimize Mistakes
    • Automating the creation and licensing of users not only reduces duplicate effort, it also helps eliminate mistakes that inevitably occur when manually entering data. Let Onboarding Express do the work for you and cutting time up to 45 minutes per user while eliminating potential mistakes!

  • No Waiting Around
    • Schedule licensing to be done when you want, any way you want it. Whether you want it to license 100 users every day at 1:00 PM, or as many users as possible every night, HR doesn’t have to wait for the IT department. Onboarding Express works on your timeline.

  • All Your Data in One Place
    • Unify user data information across the board to eliminate incorrect data and increase efficiency workflow.