In Interlink’s Gold Implementer Plan, Interlink will drive forward your Office 365 deployment project in partnership with your organization. Interlink will be responsible for building one-time items and leading pilot migration. In this plan, your organization will be responsible for executing on mailbox migrations. In this plan, you will receive:

  • All components of the Silver Plan
  • Interlink Project Plan
  • Configuration and setup of complex one-time tasks for migration
    • Provision Office 365, including licensing
    • Configuration of Data Migration
  • Hybrid Server Setup and Configuration OR
  • Migration Tools Configuration and testing
    • Single Sign On Servers (ADFS or Password Sync)
    • Directory Sync
    • Mobile device management
  • Pilot users and troubleshoot issues together
    • Public Folder migration
  • Cloud Atlas Resources
    • Access to PowerShell Library customized for project
  • Support for migration of users and troubleshooting issues
  • Training
    • Administration Training - PowerShell, Mail flow, Policy configuration, etc.
    • End User Training and Support
  • Support decommission of previous platform

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