Simplifying Microsoft Security

Overview of security solutions implemented in Microsoft technology 

Looking for secure, trustworthy solutions for managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure? New threats are evolving every day, and keeping your business secure can be a challenge. In 2022, Microsoft security solutions accelerated in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. As a top leader in security, Microsoft Defender Solutions are quickly on the rise.  

How do you know what solution is best for you? It’s important to start with the basics and make sure you understand the importance of how it all works together. Here at Interlink we offer a range of services to make sure you and your team understand the value and process of Microsoft technologies. Let’s start with a few security definitions that Microsoft has implemented into their systems. 

  • EPP: Endpoint Protection    
  • Designed to secure your endpoints and protect them against malware 
  • NGAV: Next-Gen Antivirus   
  • Advanced antivirus that has features beyond basic pattern matching to detect malware  
  • EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response    
  • An automated security protocol that monitors events on the PC and includes features to respond to malware including host isolation, account disabling, etc. 
  • XDR: Extended Detection and Response   
  • Holistic, broad-spectrum protection that works together to protect across the entire attack chain 
  • MDR: Managed Detection and Response   
  • Managed service to receive alerts from EPP/EDR/XDR/SIEM and other security software to investigate and respond with specific actions to protect a customer 
  • SIEM: Security Information and Event Management    
  • Service to aggregate security telemetry from multiple sources allowing for unified alerting and threat hunting 
  • SOAR: Security Orchestration and Automation    
  • Feature of some SIEMs that can drive automated security response in the event of an alert or a threat 

The list above provides a generalized overview of the basic systems that Microsoft has integrated into their solutions. These systems can enhance your security posture and create unified solutions to compliment and work diligently with others. The Microsoft Defender family is compiled of advanced security solutions with the technology listed above that can help your business become more resilient.  

How Can Interlink Help? 

We understand the benefits of implementing Microsoft security solutions into your business as well as the solutions themselves. We can work with you to find the best fit and help you create a roadmap towards the security solution that best fits your needs. To start enhancing your security posture, contact us today to discover the possibilities of Microsoft Defender, Sentinel and more.  

We want to help you get the most out of your Microsoft spend and help accelerate your business forward. We know that Microsoft can be challenging to navigate, so over the next few weeks Interlink will be publishing a Microsoft Defender blog series highlighting a few of the key features of the Defender solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn or contact us to get started.