Ready to See Azure in Action?

Azure Global Infrastructure Experience 

If you’re looking to move your business to the Cloud, Azure is a great way to help your business modernize and jump forward. Microsoft Azure is a Cloud computing service with a variety of capabilities to help digitally transform your business. With Azure, you have the potential to go deeper with your data with improved insights, develop applications specially for your business, and improve your security posture.   

Azure has a wide variety of applications, services, and infrastructure to help run your business and secure your data in the Cloud, but what does it really look like? Well, we are not talking about the giant white fluffy things in the sky but numerous high-end secure locations around the world. These locations are known as Azure datacenters, and they come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. If you want to see in real-time what an Azure datacenter looks like, you can explore the Azure Global Infrastructure 

Dive deep into the Azure building blocks and take a virtual 3D tour of a datacenter or learn about Availability Zones and how they can help minimize risk with built-in backup services. You can view various Azure locations across the world, see data residency, products, disaster recovery, and more. To view the live interactive map view the link here… 

Azure Global

Nervous about migrating to the Cloud?  Our Azure architects are happy to help answer any questions and concerns about moving your business to the Cloud.  Reach out to Interlink today.