Microsoft Defender Suite

A Comprehensive Security Solution

Microsoft Defender Suite is an interconnected set of solutions for Cloud-based security. While this suite provides a powerful layer of security, it can be confusing because the products within it now have similar names. In this video, Interlink’s CEO, Matt Scherocman, will help to alleviate the confusion around the Defender naming convention, as well as unpack the multiple ways Defender works to find attacks before they happen and mitigate potential risks to your data. 

When attacks do get through, Defender products works to freeze attacks before they cause more damage. This video talks about the different products available in the Defender Suite: 

  • Defender for Office 365 
  • Defender for Endpoint 
  • Defender for IoT 
  • Azure AD Identity protection 
  • Defender for Identity
  • Defender for Cloud Apps 

In this video, Matt will walk you through an overview of Microsoft Defender Suite, licensing options, and name changes. Learn how Interlink Cloud Advisors partners with your business to show you how Defender will make your environment safer and more threat resistant.


Your data is too valuable to be left at risk – Reach out to us so we can help build a security road map and implementation plan for your business.