Goodbye Passwords and Hello MFA

Your Passwords Don’t Matter 

 What if I told you that your password doesn't matter? That even if you think you're keeping your password safe, someone could still get into your account? This would be a very concerning revelation for many businesses. But is that actually true? The world of cybersecurity is quickly evolving, and passwords are no longer enough to keep accounts secure - in fact, they're the bare minimum. 

A password gives you a quick and easy access point to reach your data, but it, unfortunately, does the same for anyone who can crack it. Microsoft’s Your Pa$$words don’t Matter provides great research on how password length and complexity aren’t going to cut it anymore, even if the article is slightly dated. There are a variety of different ways for an attacker to get your information. Here are a few possibilities: 

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These are just a few examples, but the outcome is the same regardless: the attacker still has your information. Check out the full blog to learn more about password spray, database extraction and cracking, and how multi-factor authentication (MFA) is 99.9% more secure. 

If you’re ready for a passwordless (and therefore more secure) future, Interlink is ready to help you move forward. Contact us to learn more about MFA or read our whole blog - Preparing for a Passwordless Future: What It Means and How to Prepare