Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit Changes - Is Your Organization Prepared?

Learn what is coming next regarding Software Assurance and keep your organization prepared.

What is Software Assurance?

Software Assurance is a comprehensive Volume Licensing program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help you deploy, manage, and use your Microsoft products more efficiently. Starting next month and continuing over the next two years, Microsoft has announced they will be making substantial changes regarding Software Assurance benefits. Make sure your company is prepared and knowledgeable about what comes next!  

Moving Forward 

Microsoft is making changes to Software Assurance, specifically with Planning Services, Training Vouchers, and 24x7 Problem Resolution Support. June 2021 will be the last chance to create planning services and training vouchers, so taking the time to understand the changes and put a plan together is important so you don’t miss the deadlines. 

Below is a timeline of what has/will occur from February 2020 to January 2022:

FEB 2020 FEB 2021 JUNE 2021 JAN 2022
  • Retire cloud services from planning services catalog
  • Retire Azure training from training voucher catalog
  • Retire conversion of training days to Planning Services
  • Begin incident conversion to buy down Premier/Unified Support (available until Feb. 2021)
  • Retire accrual of new planning days and training vouchers for all customers
  • Last day to create planning days and training vouchers for new/renewing contracts
  • Provide as-needed support incidents with US $250,000 Software Assurance spend and credit on Unified Support
  • Retire accrual of 24x7 support incidents
  • Last day to create planning services and training vouchers
  • January 1 is the last day to redeem planning services and training vouchers for existing contacts

Planning Services and Training Vouchers have actual monetary value, $1000 per Planning Service Voucher and are part of the value of Software Assurance and your benefits package when purchasing volume licenses with Software Assurance. Planning Services can help drive the planning around your initiatives with Microsoft and reduce your out of pocket expense, while Training Vouchers provide training to your IT staff to enhance their skills.

Most clients are well into their cloud journey or at least recognize it is inevitable in the near future, so this upcoming change in June 2021 is important. This means the scope of how these can be leveraged will greatly be reduced. You will be able to leverage Planning Services toward on-premises deployments until January 2022.  

How can Interlink Help? 

Contact us today to start a conversation about your organization’s specific plan moving forward. Also, get in touch if you are not currently taking advantage of all the cloud has to offer!

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