Microsoft Power Platform: Return to the Workplace with Confidence

Microsoft’s Power Platform provides a templated solution for organizations across industries as they are returning to the workplace.

This solution brings automation, analytics, visualization, and ease of use through the Power Platform.

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace Solution

Returning to the workplace and how/when it will be done is a decision that should be made with careful thought and preparation. Navigating government restrictions, preparing site readiness, setting health safety standards, and using technology to communicate with staff, monitor and adjust procedures, and implement hybrid strategies are crucial.

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace solution provides a turnkey solution allowing for business continuity, the safe reopening of workplaces, and supporting your employees’ and customers’ health. Give your organization the confidence to meet in person with a pre-built solution designed to protect teams and streamline the entire reopening of the workplace process.


Power Platform Applications

Using Microsoft’s Power Platform, these solutions are prebuilt by Microsoft engineers for your specific needs. These apps, while already built, can be easily customized to meet your organization or industry’s specific guidelines/needs. The applications support your organization’s Location Readiness, Facility Safety Management, Employee Health and Safety, and Workplace Care Management.

Employee Health and Safety App

This application is used by employees returning to the workplace – allowing employees to complete a health check and identifying open buildings. Employees are able to be informed and complete return to the workplace procedures through a standardized and consistent process. Once the health check is completed and the employee is eligible to return, they can book a space for the day in open facilities. Terms and conditions give an employee the chance to agree or disagree with set standards. Employees can provide sentiment feedback, bring a guest, and receive relevant facility or action notifications from in-app.

Microsoft Power Platform 1

Workplace Care Management

The workplace care solution manages cases for employees to ensure the health and safety of all employees. Case management can revoke an employee’s ability to check into a workplace and provides insight into the work backlog to ensure a consistent process. Case Managers are notified through the application, and employees are then contacted – with the process being tracked in-app. Employees are provided guidance and instructions, along with expected target dates for return to work. Analytics to identify case contacts and tracing allows the assessment of risk and clusters, giving organizations the ability to take immediate actions and minimize risks.

Microsoft Power Platform 2

Facility Safety Management

The facility safety management dashboard empowers managers to easily view their building/area’s current phase and facility checklist. Bring consistent and up-to-date knowledge of your organization’s status to managers. This dashboard is customizable to create floors and areas (safe workspaces) to set capacity and limits. As the phases of reopening and transitions continue, a new checklist and process will be available for facility managers. This allows a current view and backlog of employee activity, registrations/visits, and occupancy for a floor/area/building to be analyzed for insights.

Microsoft Power Platform 3

Location Readiness

The location readiness dashboard provides decision-makers with key metrics and visualization for the return-to-work process. View the map to display facility locations, along with correlating statistics surround COVID such as confirmed cases, confirmed cases per 100K, fatal cases, and fatal cases per 1M. Additionally, view details such as opening readiness and occupancy rates across facilities, as well as employee and guest sentiment by date.


 Leveraging the Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform enables business through the Return to the Workplace solution to reopen responsibly, monitor intelligently, and protect continuously for a safer work environment. If your organization is not taking advantage of the Power Platform, now is an ideal time to invest and gain skills to help your organization adopt a new way of quickly creating apps and automation. Use these pre-built templates to easily navigate and learn the Power Platform. Empower your workforce with the Power Platform - from a simple and consistent way to develop apps across your organization to integrate your tools, data, and analytics. The Power Platform maximizes your organization’s resources and time to make decisions and processes faster, with low code solutions that are easy to build and implement. Many organizations have the licensing for this solution included in their Office 365 solutions, contact us for more details.

How Interlink Can Help

Interlink can walk you through best practices on returning to the workplace using the Power Platform. Contact Interlink’s experts to discuss and understand how these powerful tools can best serve your organization and industry. Start driving business transformation and improving your organization efficiency today!

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