Interlink’s Energize Identity Security Workshop | Uncover Risks and Improve your Security Posture

The statistics surrounding enterprise identity risk are staggering...

According to a recent report, 94 percent of organizations have suffered an identity-related breach at some point and 79 percent suffered such a break in the past two years. Despite those numbers, less than half of the respondents to the survey have fully implemented key identity security safeguards.1

Identity is today’s gateway to your network and properly controlling it is the key to system security. The growing implementation of cloud applications, the increased use of personal devices connecting to your network, and the rise of the remote workforce mean that you are no longer able to protect your data behind a four-wall security fortress. The challenge now is securing user identities to ensure you are limiting access to authorized users.

Identity Security Workshop

Interlink can help you find identity risks in your environment, gain insight into your applications, and enhance your identity security with our comprehensive Energize Identity Security Workshop. The workshop will provide you with the information you need to protect your organization from cybercriminals. You will come away from this workshop with:

  • A rating of your identity security posture and how it compares to your peers
  • Insights into apps used in your environment including those not sanctioned by your IT department
  • A deeper understanding of ways to prevent identities from being compromised
  • Ways to reduce costs and improve business agility and security with simplified apps access
  • Methods to secure user identities on all devices

The workshop goals include assessing and optimizing your identity security profile, providing cost reduction ideas, and increasing your system visibility.

identity security workshop play video

The key to securing access to your network is to quickly and accurately identify authorized users and provide them with proper access to the apps and information they need to do their jobs. This workshop will provide you with the methods and tools to protect your authorized users’ identities with authenticated credentials and file management while still allowing them the ability to collaborate with others.

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1 By the Numbers: Enterprise Identity Security 2020, by Ben Canner, Identity Management Solutions Review, May 29, 2020