Windows 10 now includes major security enhancements for devices connecting to the cloud. It helps strengthen your identity and data protection posture and has features designed to prevent malware from infecting your device or compromising your credentials.

Interlink Cloud Advisors maintains a deep knowledge base of Microsoft Licensing solutions and can offer guidance around choosing the most flexible and cost-effective way to give your organization access to the latest Windows technology solutions. Whether you want to upgrade your computers to Windows 10 or gain access to exclusive features included in the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5 editions, we'll help you choose the best licensing options for your organization's needs.

How we can help:


Licensing Options

Licensing is the first step, the next one is to plan out how you will roll out Windows 10 to your organization. There are several new options for deploying Windows 10 versus previous operating systems - including Windows Autopilot and Azure AD Domain joined PCs.

Plus, Microsoft’s always up-to-date strategy means that you need to carefully plan your software update architecture. A plethora of new security features also need to be considered, especially around Windows Enterprise E5.


Windows 10
Readiness Review

Interlink will quickly review the capabilities of your environment and the configurations that may need to occur before beginning any Windows 10 deployment work.

What we examine:

  • Review domain controllers
  • Review group policy configuration
  • Review existing patch management strategy
  • Review existing SCCM setup for image deployment
  • Review ADFS configuration
  • Review management tools deployed (MDOP, MBAM, etc...)

Windows 10
Deployment Workshop

We review the features of Windows 10 and provide guidance for the optimal configuration.

Some examples include:

  • Mobile Device Management / Systems Management
  • VPN On-Demand, BitLocker, AppLocker
  • Exploit Guard, Remove Users from Local Admin
  • OU Structure Drift for PCs
  • Data Protection - GDPR, etc...
  • Device Guard/Credential Guard/Application Guard
  • Replace costly on-premises infrastructure Passport / Windows Hello
  • BitLocker Management / Policy Management / DaRT
  • Direct Access / Domain Join

Windows 10

Pilot Deployment:
Interlink works with your team to test the deployment method of choice to ensure that the features chosen are active and working. During this process, Interlink creates a repeatable and an easy to follow procedure for bringing Windows 10 to your users.

Full deployment:
Interlink can play different roles based on your needs. We can simply hand off the process and let your team handle the full roll out with our guidance. Or we can handle the entire deployment from start to finish, including end user communications and project management. An additional option is utilizing managed services. With this option, Interlink proactively continues to manage and maintain the health of your computers.

Windows 10 Key Features

There are a few key features of Windows 10 that should be noted when considering the value of a Windows 10 deployment to your environment. Here they are noted below for reference:

Windows Offerings Available Through Volume Licensing




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