Feature-rich, Fully Managed Relational Database Service

Powered by a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters, SQL Database is a relational cloud-based database service housed on Microsoft’s SQL Server engine. Best for new cloud applications needing relational capabilities and high availability, SQL Database helps you focus on rapid application development, accelerating your time to market instead of managing virtual machines and infrastructure.

  • Auto high-availability and fault tolerance
  • Self-maintaining infrastructure - self-healing
  • Point-and-click simplicity & familiar developer tools
  • Instant scalability with zero downtime to your application
  • Flexible business continuity options
  • Hourly billing - Reduce or eliminate hardware & maintenance costs
  • Point-in-time restore to return a database to an earlier state
  • Advanced security features
Business Class
  • Built-in HA secondaries and 99.9% SLA on database
  • Reserved capacity for powerful & predictable performance
  • Dynamic scale out of 1,000s of DBs
  • Fully managed service (no patching of DB or OS)
SQL Server Technology
  • Extends familiar SQL Server technology
  • Related database engine for transactional integrity
  • Consistent DB objects; tables, views, stored procedures
  • Database app portability to and from on-premises
IT & Development
  • Integration within SQL Server Management Studio
  • PowerShell support to manage at scale
  • Visual Studio to build once and deploy anywhere

SQL Database: 3 Service Tiers Available

Each offer a different level of performance and capabilities

Best suited for a small database, supporting typically one single active operation at a given time.
Example: Databases used for development or testing, or small-scale infrequently used applications.

The go-to option for most cloud applications, supporting multiple concurrent queries
Example: Include workgroup or web applications.

Designed for high transactional volume, supporting many concurrent users and requiring the highest level of business continuity capabilities.
Example: Databases supporting mission critical applications.

Microsoft Azure SQL

Why Interlink?

Many consulting companies know SQL. Some are up to speed on Azure and how to utilize Azure to benefit your SQL environment, and a few understand how to license these solutions appropriately - i.e. take into consideration the cost of licensing and help ensure that the customer stays compliant.

Interlink knows all three and can architect the right solution for your needs.

  • Architecture Expertise: We can design your environment to be highly available including the potential use of Azure for another data center location
  • Deep & Wide in SQL Ability: We have decades of experience in Microsoft SQL and the knowledge to guide you to make the right decision for your company
  • Azure Migration & Benefits Help: We can help you migrate to Azure and understand the benefits
  • Licensing Expertise: Interlink understands the licensing of SQL and architects solutions and is mindful of reducing SQL licensing costs

Countless consulting companies can sell PaaS but knowing how to integrate that with your SQL platform is what Interlink does. We properly size the Database Throughput Units (DTUs), which are based on a blended measure of CPU, memory, reads, and writes. By properly sizing DTUs in PaaS, we can help ensure you don’t under or over provision your processor, memory, and disk resources.

With Interlink, you can worry less about the management of your SQL platform and focus more on value-adds to your business.

How Interlink Can Help You

  • SQL Managed Services Plans
  • Data Modeling for Data Warehousing, Creating a Single Source of Truth
  • SQL Upgrades, Specializing in SQL 2000 and SQL 2005
  • SQL Performance Tuning / Health Checks
  • Consolidating SQL Systems for Efficiency and Licensing Savings
  • Data Warehouse ETL / SSIS Expertise
  • Power BI Integration with SQL, Providing Business Analysts with Consumable Data
  • High Availability Incorporating Azure
  • SQL Disaster Recovery
  • Reporting Services
  • Security Planning and Vulnerability Management

Take Advantage of All That SQL Database Has to Offer!

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