On-Demand Webinar | Azure Sentinel: Security Information & Event
Management (SIEM) Reinvented

Presented by Matt Scherocman, Mike Dreyer & Kirk Terrell


After viewing this online event, you'll have a good understanding of:

  • The Microsoft Security Story
  • An Overview of SIEM
  • How Azure Sentinel Fits In
  • Support Options
  • Licensing & Funding Options
  • The Capabilities of Azure Sentinel

If you are looking to learn about the value Azure Sentinel and how this cloud-native solution is reinventing SIEM for the modern world, view this webinar and slide deck today.


Are you looking to simplify your security operations with one simple solution?

Azure Sentinel is the answer.

With more sophisticated attacks, high volumes of alerts, long resolution timeframes, and unnoticed threats, IT security can be challenging. Azure Sentinel’s intelligent security analytics simplifies your security needs and enables you to easily:

  • Collect data across your enterprise
  • Analyze and detect threats quickly
  • Investigate and hunt for suspicious activities
  • Automate common tasks and threat response

In this exclusive on-demand event, Interlink covers Microsoft's Azure Sentinel and shows you just how easy it is to collect security data across your entire organization from devices and users to apps and servers on any cloud.

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