On-Demand Webinar|How to Achieve Advanced Security, Compliance and Visibility with Office 365

 Presented by Jason Wingert | Hosted by Matt Scherocman

Office 365 advanced security and compliance webinar



Through demos and successful customer deployment scenarios, we’ll help you understand the new security and compliance functionality available in Office 365 and demonstrate how you can achieve:

  • Improved Security and Compliance: Protect and control access to your data

  • Accelerated Response Times: Take corrective action quickly on security violations

  • Reduced Risk: Reduction in the time spent looking for litigation information

  • Improved Protection: Reduce ransomware and malware


Advanced eDiscovery and Advanced Security Management


While moving to the cloud has increased flexibility for employees and reduced IT cost, it has also raised new security concerns for many organizations...

To realize the full benefit of cloud applications, IT teams must find the right balance of enabling access while maintaining control to protect critical data.

In this on-demand event, Microsoft and Interlink Cloud Advisors explain you how your organization can take full advantage of the cloud while maintaining control, security and improved visibility into activity with Advanced Security Management and Advanced eDiscovery.

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