On-Demand Webinar | Microsoft Moves & Motions - Powering Digital Transformation In 2021

Presented by Matt Scherocman & Mike Wilson
with Keynote Speaker David Totten, Microsoft CTO


After viewing this online event, you’ll have a good understanding of:

  • Microsoft Teams – Upcoming functionality, vision of the platform, and where to go after deploying chat and channels
  • Power Platform – Becoming the glue for Microsoft technologies to work better together and extend to non-Microsoft data sources. You’ll also hear about Microsoft’s prebuild use cases and the vision
  • Firstline Workers – Giving power and technology tools to everyone in the business. New features like walkie talkie and shift scheduling are powerful tools.
  • Security - Microsoft’s initiatives to build security that is affordable and deployable for all. We’ll also look at Microsoft’s innovative product – Azure Sentinel
  • Windows Virtual Desktop – Gain the ability to drive productivity and security on Windows from anywhere via the Azure platform
  • Project Cortex / SharePoint Syntex – Utilizing AI to empower teams to help transform data into knowledge
  • Funding - Opportunities to support your deployment
  • And more…

This webinar is packed with extremely valuable information and should not be missed, view this webinar and slide deck today


How is your organization powering digital transformation in 2021?

In this exclusive on-demand webinar, Microsoft Chief Technology Officer, US Partner Ecosystem, David Totten, provides a keynote presentation on key initiatives and opportunities your organization should consider for your 2021 digital transformation roadmap.

The Interlink team also reviews Microsoft’s key motions for fiscal year 2021 and how they can impact your business.

Register now to instantly watch this information-packed webinar and download the slide deck.

Register now to instantly watch this information-packed webinar and download the slide deck.