Helping You Build a Safe, Secure & Reliable Data Solution

Many profitable organizations would agree that data plays a huge roll in their success. However, many do not know how to bridge the gap between their data and the business insights needed to gain a competitive edge. In many cases, organizations pull data from multiple sources, including SQL, Oracle, Azure, Structured Third Party, Unstructured, Excel, Access, Web, etc. Yet, the data is not consistent across all of these sources and renders inaccurate reports and unreliable information.

Our Connected Data Mart Solution

To create a single source of truth and ensure all of your data is accurate and normalized, Interlink has created an intuitive and easy-to-use data management solution - Azure Cloud Connected Data Mart Solution.

The solution combines a customized Azure SQL Server Data Mart with Microsoft's interactive business analytics tool - Power BI.

Benefits Include:

  • More accurate reporting
  • Fast & efficient querying and analysis tools
  • Ensures you know where your data is coming from when it is delivered from your end-user
  • Certifies your data fields are consistent so they read the same across all data sources via data
    normalization (i.e. - Michigan may be listed in data fields as Mich, MI, Michigan, etc.)
  • Proves ROI of your data
  • Limited need for IT involvement

If you are ready to unleash the power of your data and empower your employees to more accurately achieve their reporting requirements, contact Interlink today.