Save Money & Time by Preventing & Reducing the Impact of Cyber Attacks

How a SIEM from Microsoft will help   

Shortening your response times during a cyber-attack is crucial to saving data, saving money, and reducing the impact on the business. A few minutes can be the difference between a single PC taken offline and a ransomware attack that affects most of your network. Finding a security solution to help minimize damage and manage your systems is an important piece to keep your business protected. With so many different types of potential threats like phishing, malware, and ransomware, it’s imperative to keep yourself protected across many attack vectors – but how can you keep track of everything in one place? What do you do when your company gets breached and how can you monitor and manage these attacks? How do you keep your business all around secure? There are so many unknowns with cyber-attacks that companies are struggling to keep up. The unfortunate truth is that your company will, in all likelihood, be breached at some point, so what can you do to shorten response times and minimize the damage?   

Microsoft technologies provide a distinct advantage through integrated layers of security and protection. After deploying the basics like multifactor authentication and traditional anti-virus, most organizations look to implement next-generation anti-virus protection for their endpoints and email providers. This could be point solutions from multiple vendors, but Microsoft in providing extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions that monitors and protect across the attack chain – including email, user endpoints, servers, and identities. Even with the amazing value of Microsoft Defender XDR, many organizations maintain security tools from multiple vendors and some important security telemetry comes directly from firewall and server logs.  This drives organizations to implement a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system to aggregate all security telemetry into a single pane of glass for monitoring and response.   

A SIEM helps provide a centralized hub for all security solutions both Microsoft and non-Microsoft solutions. By organizing data and providing real-time analysis, businesses SIEM have the potential to quickly neutralize or isolate cyber-attacks. With the power of automated AI, a SIEM solution can recognize potential threats, stop them in their tracks and notify users. XDR solutions provide threat protection with AI and unified analytics. When paired with SIEM, it leverages automation and AI to create a balanced security system. Instead of going into each individual system to check, by connecting systems, you can easily manage your cybersecurity all in one place.  

Microsoft’s leaving cloud native SIEM is Microsoft Sentinel.  Built on Azure, it can be deployed quickly, rapidly scale and can easily aggregate security data with built in connectors to Microsoft security services and dozens of additional providers.  Bringing security data into Sentinel allows for security analysts to save time by viewing and responding to alerts in a single place with powerful threat hunting and analysis tools. While Sentinel’s SIEM capabilities are top-notch, many people overlook Sentinel’s Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) features. Given the volume of alerts that even a mid-size organization deals with, it can be hard for security teams to keep up with. Sentinel has the ability to drive automated incident response that can isolate a host from the network, disable a user account, force multifactor authentication for a potentially compromised account or even kick off complex workflows in multiple systems using the power of Azure Logic Apps.  With speed of response being critical, Sentinel both reduces the risk of attack and the time to respond which is enormous value. 

 A few minutes make a significant difference in the time an attack happens. The rights security solution can help minimize damage and effectively manage your system to keep your business protected. That’s why Interlink Cloud Advisors works to help you understand the full benefits of Microsoft technologies. We care about security and keeping your business secure. To learn more about the advantages of Microsoft security and where to start, contact us to become more secure today.  

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