Need help optimizing the Microsoft Cloud for your business?

Save your organization time and money by working with Interlink!

Partnering with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like Interlink provides you with expert guidance and years of experience to navigate around the potential pitfalls that exist when you decide to move new workloads to the Cloud and as you decide to enhance your cloud experience with new tools, security options, and collaboration features.

Learn the reasons a CSP can help with your adoption of the Cloud, including:

  • 1: Cloud Proficiency
  • 2: Simplicity & Scalability
  • 3: Enterprise Agreement (EA) Changes
  • 4: Licensing Expertise
  • 5: Local, Dedicated Support
  • 6: Flexible, Competitive Pricing

Bonus Information Included

  • Comparing EA vs. CSP?
  • CSP or EA: Questions to Ask

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