Ready to move your applications that currently rely on SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2014 or Microsoft Azure SQL Database?

Support for SQL Server 2005 has ended, which means:

  • No more security updates
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Potential compliance concerns

If you are using any SQL Server versions earlier than SQL Server 2014, it's time to consider upgrading to take advantage of groundbreaking improvements in performance.


There is tremendous value available in upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server, and a SQL Modernization Assessment can help.

Learn the right approach, technologies and tools for a data platform modernization to either SQL Server 2014 and/or Microsoft Azure SQL Database with a SQL MODERIZATION ASSESSMENT and/or Proof of Concept from Interlink.

You may qualify for up to $6000 in Microsoft Funding:

  • $3000 for assessment
  • $3000 for POC
  • You can qualify for $6000 if you complete both assessment and POC

Is a SQL Assessment right for you?

Our team of advisors will determine the right approach, technologies and tools for data platform modernization to either SQL Server 2014 and/or SQL Azure Database. The scope, activities and deliverables of a SQL Assessment will vary based on your unique objectives.

What's involved?

The assessment often involves gathering details on data platform assets that reside within your current environment but may involve other activities such as a migration best practices workshop or an architectural design session.

What will you get?

At the end of the assessment, you will be provided with a readiness report and executive proposal with actionable recommendations to optimize current operations or support new requirements - aligned to your specific objectives.

I want to Request a SQL Modernization Assessment

...and see if I qualify for funding from Microsoft.

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