Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept

Get a Proof of Concept for a Comprehensive,
Cloud-Based Desktop & App Virtualization Service

Is your organization looking for an efficient, productive and secure approach to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? Have you looked into Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a Microsoft-based solution that provides a fully managed desktop virtualization experience. It allows users to access their desktop and applications from anywhere – on any device.

To help you understand and navigate the best route to an optimized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Interlink offers a Proof of Concept (POC) for Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

As a part of the POC, Interlink’s team of Microsoft-certified consultants guide your evaluation and decision-making process. The best part is…the engagement could be funded through Microsoft.

Learn how your company can leverage Microsoft funding to take advantage of the advanced Windows Virtual Desktop solution. Fill out the form to your right, and we'll walk you through current options.

Production Ready Proof of Concept

Minimum requirements

  •   M365 E3/Business Premium/F3/E5 licenses for POC users
  •   Azure subscription
  •   Azure AD Connect with seamless SSO
  •   VPN connection to on-premises resources
  •   Customer to self-deploy RDS client with Interlink support


  •   Azure AD Domain Services Standard - $109.50/month
  •   Azure Files Hot for FS Logix profile management - 50GB - $2/month
  •   Storage accounts and log analytics workspace for diagnostics - $20/month
  •   1 host pool
    • 2 x DS2v4 virtual machine + P10 virtual disk - $280.32/month + $35.84/month
    • Base image: Microsoft Apps for Business, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, 1 custom application
  •   Limited to 12 users and 1 month ($450 in Azure charges, 1 day labor - $5,000)

Project Deliverables

  •   Production-ready proof of concept for Windows Virtual Desktop
  •   1 base host image with core business apps and 1 custom application
  •   Up to 12 users supported
  •   Production go-live plan


  •   Additional users/hosts
  •   Higher end host machines for engineering apps
  •   Additional host pools/images
  •   Additional customization of images including security lockdown
  •   Ongoing management setup
  •   Autoscaling of host pools and cost optimization including reserved instances and software subscriptions
  •   Backup/DR
  •   RDS client deployment
  •   Transition from RDS/Citrix
  •   Secure desktop for health care (default policy blueprint)
  •   Secure desktop for financial services (default policy blueprint)

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Windows Virtual Desktop Business Drivers

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - You save money by not having to rely on expensive devices, licensing, and software. WVD allows you to remotely centralize maintenance and provision for your workforce and enables cost savings on hardware and long-term maintenance of devices.

Tighter Security - You can keep data centrally protected while allowing users to securely access data from anywhere remotely using their own device. Using compliance controls, end users are prevented from downloading data from the VD environment.

Superior End-User Performance - The WVD user experience is built to mimic the familiar Windows Desktop appearance and provides highly scalable, always up to date, high performance on any device. In one study that compared the user experience of several VDI solutions, 90 percent of WVD sessions ranked as very good or exceptional.

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