Skype PBX Energize


Is your PBX getting old and expensive to maintain?
Are your users ready for truly integrated tools?
Are you ready to modernize your collaboration?

See the Value in a Cloud PBX today with Skype PBX Energize!

Skype PBX Energize is a pilot Voice offering, designed for Office 365, that will get Skype Voice in your environment quickly! It allows you to test the Skype Voice PBX phone system and take advantage of voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling over your network, along with the features you need to eliminate traditional PBX systems and associated costs.

What's Included:

Microsoft Skype Operations Framework Methodology

Interlink follows the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) methodology when implementing your Skype PBX Energize offer. This methodology is a set of processes, tools, and best practices that Microsoft has assembled for its partners and clients. It covers the entire customer lifecycle, including planning, delivery, adoption, operations and migrations.