Interlink believes that collaboration starts with business processes. What processes are already in your business? Are they highly manual? Do they rely on overused email inboxes for workflow? We look for places in the business process where efficiency gains can be acquired quickly. Every organization has individuals who create the majority of information in the business. Interlink helps identify these individuals and then helps you leverage their knowledge to the betterment of your business.

  • Do your team members know what is going on with your business?
  • How do new employees get information on policies that were emailed last quarter?
  • Do your HR personnel spend a majority of their time passing out the same information again and again?
  • What outside stake holders need to be better connected?

Our next approach is to challenge the processes that you have today. Frequently, we are asked to setup collaboration by the departments that already exist in the business, i.e. marketing, finance, sales. We challenge this thinking to ensure that it is the most efficient. Many times a customer will ultimately find that a customer, product line, or project centric approach can work best to provide collaboration across different work teams. If you want your team to perform better, let's talk today.

Unified Communication

Technology has enabled us to automate many of our interactions with our customers, coworkers, and business partners. Now, when a human gets involved it typically is a higher level issue that needs thought and creativity. Simultaneously, our skillsets over time have narrowed into specialty areas. Both of these phenomena are driving unified communications. We need to get in touch with each in a fast and streamlined manner with the ability to work together real time – from anywhere in the world.

Just some of the terrific benefits and features are listed below:

  • Presence - let the world know when you are available and when you need to focus on something else - have both the manual control and the automation that comes from integration into your calendar.
  • Instant messaging - solve a customer's issue over the phone with a colleague without leaving your desk, without playing voicemail tag, and without delay. 84% of calls are heading to voicemail - avoid voicemail purgatory.
  • Screen Sharing - collaborate on files without leaving your desk. Be able to jointly see and innovate together. Great for IT departments to be able to "see" their users issues and resolve them quickly.
  • Audio Conferencing - be able to connect with colleagues on both a scheduled and ad-hoc basis. Remove per minute charges from your expense budget.
  • Video Conferencing - don't lose the ability to capture the 55% of our communication that is non-verbal. Be able to connect on the fly when you want, not when the conference room and video conferencing equipment is available. Easily host multiparty conferences that can include both internal employees and externally web client connected individuals.
  • Voicemail Integration - convert voicemail into email files that can be shared and stored with other critical client communications. Keep focus on a single inbox.
  • Phone integration - have a completely converged infrastructure for immense return on investment. Let people find you, when you want to be found with soft phone clients and simultaneous ring to your cell phone. Integrate presence back into your system by showing busy when you are already talking with someone else.