DATA RETENTION Mailboxes will require an Exchange Online Plan 2, Archiving license, E3 or E5 licenses. BRING YOUR OWN KEY & SUPERVISION FEATURES Requires either an Office 365 E5 License or the Office 365 Advanced Compliance License. LABELS (DATA GOVERNANCE) Manual classification by users is available in all Office 365 plans, but the Advanced Data Governance, which allows for automatic classification of content, requires the Office 365 E5 or Office 365 Advanced Compliance License. THREAT MANAGEMENT Basic features around mail filtering and anti- malware are included in each plan, but the Advanced Threat Management features with Threat Intelligence that allow you to take remediation actions against specific campaigns requires the Office 365 E5 or Office 365 Advanced Compliance License. To review the license tables for specific features, go to THREAT MANAGEMENT Threat Management is the latest feature added to the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. The dashboard allows you to quickly review the latest attacks against your organization. This is a central location to review threats from email to links in Office. You’ll be able to see top trends in your environment and general industry trends. Alerts and other tools can be setup to mitigate detected threats. Additional threat sources will continue to be integrated into this dashboard going forward. LICENSING The features you will have available to you will depend on the licensing that you choose to purchase from Microsoft. Here are a few scenarios to consider: 9 10 NEED HELP? Interlink can help you navigate your compliance and data loss strategy. Our team of Microsoft-certified consultants are experts in Office 365 and will help your organization become more secure and compliant. > CONTACT US AT HELLO@INTERLINK.COM Incidents Mail Filtering Anti- malware DKIM Safe Attachments & SAFE LINKS Quarantine Advanced Threats Threat Explorer TOOLS AVAILABLE THREAT MANAGEMENT IN OFFICE 365