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Sarah Bunt

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 7 Myths of Why Not to Move to The Cloud


There are many myths around moving to the cloud…

We’ve heard everything from “The cloud is not secure” to “I’m not ready to move everything to the cloud.”

To clear up any misconceptions and provide you with the truth, Interlink Cloud Advisors offers an on-demand webinar that walks you through seven popular myths on migrating to the cloud.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Interlink has moved over hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of companies to Office 365, so we have pretty extensive knowledge on the topic. In this webinar, we’ll share this knowledge on best practices and things to avoid.

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7 Myths Covered:

  1. The Cloud is Less Secure
  2. The Cloud is Not Used in My Industry   
  3. The Cloud is Less Reliable      
  4. The Cloud is Not Compliant
  5. The Cloud is More Expensive
  6. The Cloud is All or Nothing
  7. The Cloud is Too Much Effort

If you have not yet moved to the cloud, this on-demand event will provide you with a plethora of knowledge around migrating to Office 365.

View the webinar & slide deck today!


M. Scherocman

Matt Scherocman
President | Interlink Cloud Advisors

mike wilson
Mike Wilson
VP & Managing Consultant | Interlink Cloud Advisors
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Sarah Bunt

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Running SQL in Azure – The Pros and the Cons


Azure has multiple benefits that allow you to leverage SQL Server technology...

One benefit is that it is available across physical on-premises machines, private cloud environments, third-party hosted private cloud environments, and the public cloud. With so many different options, your organization may need guidance on choosing the best scenario for your needs.

In this on-demand webinar, Interlink Cloud Advisors walks you through the different options of running SQL in Azure or a hybrid solution. We also show you how to choose the best options in different scenarios including high availability, scalability, and platform.

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Eric Brophy

Azure AD Password Protection & Smart Lockout Now in Public Preview


Azure AD Password Protection helps eliminate easily guessed passwords from the environment, which can dramatically lower the risk of being compromised by attackers. It also protects by preventing users from setting their passwords to common, weak and risky passwords and prevents bad actors from trying to brute force attack those accounts.

Many attackers know how users create passwords, and more often than not, businesses ldo not have a security policy in place around user created passwords. Therefore, Azure AD Password Protection would be beneficial for any business that wants to improve their network security and prevent data loss through user identity compromise.

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Ken Kruthaup

SQL Advanced Threat Protection | Securing Your SQL Database


SQL Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) now offers DBAs (Database Administrators) the opportunity to discover and classify sensitive data, understand database vulnerabilitiesand detect abnormal activities that could indicate a threat to the database. Thereby providing a central go-to location for enabling and managing these security capabilities.

SQL Advanced Threat Protection provides...

a set of advanced SQL security capabilities, including Data Discovery & Classification, Vulnerability Assessment & Threat Detection.

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Mike Wilson

Addressing Confusion Around Microsoft’s 4 Advanced Threat Protection Solutions


You may have noticed that there are currently four Microsoft products with “Advanced Threat Protection” in their name:

  1. Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  2. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  3. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  4. SQL Advanced Threat Protection

While each of these solutions offers value to its users, there’s been some confusion around the similar naming of these products. Let’s clear up confusion by taking a closer look at each of these products and their features, benefits, and intended use cases.

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Welcome to the Interlink Cloud Blog

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations or warranties regarding the information from our partners or other external sources.