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Matt Scherocman

Introducing Groups in Office 365

Introducing Groups in Office 365

Sharing and collaborating just got easier! Want a quick way to grab some co-workers and get productive on a project? Need to share documents on the fly without having to setup a SharePoint site?

With the introduction of Groups, working in Office 365 can bring people together to connect with colleagues and work on projects. You can search for and join existing Groups, which are open by default, to see all discussions, milestones and files and get up to speed quickly.  You can create private Groups as well for sensitive projects and content. Each group gets their own OneDrive for file sharing and their own group email box.


Where can you find Groups?

Groups is a feature that is available in Outlook Web App email and calendar and OneDrive for Business, and will be rolled out to all customers that have an Exchange Online or Office 365 commercial subscription, both new and existing.


Group management is provided in Office 365. It is straightforward to create and manage, Groups can be optimized without learning to use a separate security management website. Public Groups support an open permission model, which allows you to add yourself as a member to any public Group, making it easy to access information. Private Groups provide data privacy while still allowing for prospective members to request access to the Group.

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Matt Scherocman

The New Office - Office 2016

The New Office - Office 2016

Office 2016 is the latest addition to Office 365. It’s made for teamwork, perfect for Windows 10, and full of new features that work for you. Updates in Office 2016 include:

  • Co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote – Real-time typing lets you see what others are typing and view their edits as they make them
  • Simplified Sharing – Share button located on the Ribbon in Word, Excel and PowerPoint lets you see who has access to a given document, allows you to invite others, and change access permissions to your document
  • Improved Version History- view or go back to earlier drafts of your document from within your document by clicking on the File tab and selecting history
  • Shared Notebooks – OneNote shared notebooks provide a centralized place to share all project information- videos, photos, drawings, hand written notes, screen clippings, etc
  • Modern Meetings – Use Skype for Business to send an instant message to ask a quick question and easily add voice, video, or screen sharing. Use Skype for Business HD video conferencing with co-authoring, and desktop sharing for collaboration
  • Office for all of your devices – Full viewing and editing of Office documents across Windows, Android, and Apple devices

Office 2016 and Windows 10

  • Windows Hello – Your Windows 10 device lights up in your presence and greets you by name. You can log in to your PC and Office 365 with a simple look or a touch – no need for password anymore
  • Cortana and Office 365- by learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes useful every day, bringing together all of your relevant business information so you can stay on top of your day. For example: if you are preparing for a team meeting, Cortana will pull the meeting time, location from the mail & calendar app, get the recent PowerPoint presentation you collaborated on from OneDrive for Business, and connect you to the Skype meeting
  • Office Mobile Apps on Windows 10 – Every new phone and small tablet running Windows 10 comes pre-installed with Office mobile apps, so you can be productive right away
  • Continuum – On Select Windows 10 premium phones you can use a Continuum-compatible accessory to project, even wirelessly, to any monitor. You can even connect to a mouse and keyboard to use your phone like a PC for getting things done
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Matt Scherocman

Microsoft Awards Interlink Cloud Advisors For Top Consumption Use of Office 365

Top Consumption Award

Pictured from left to right: Mike Rocco, General Manager, Microsoft CAM, Rajeev Perera, Partner Strategy and Solutions Director, Amy Rigert, Managed Partner Sales Director, Jim Dietrich, General Manager, Microsoft CTM, Mike Wilson, Managing Consultant, Interlink, Matt Scherocman, President, Interlink, Ervin Flores, General Manager, Managed Partners, Microsoft, Chris Chris Sakalosky, Vice President, Central Region Corporate Accounts, Microsoft, Jennifer Heard, Vice President, WW Corporate Account and Partner Sales at Microsoft

Microsoft presented Interlink Cloud Advisors with the FY15 Top Consumption Award in the Heartland District during Microsoft’s PeopleCentral Conference FY16, which was held in Chicago, Illinois on August 26-27, 2015. 

The Top Consumption Award was awarded to the one partner within the Heartland District that drove the greatest client usage of Office 365. Microsoft’s Heartland District is comprised of over 2,000 Microsoft partners throughout Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee, so this was quite an honor for Interlink. Through their ongoing and consistent effort around driving Office 365, Interlink has been able and continues to help their clients get the most return on investment out of Office 365. They show their clients the value of utilizing Office 365's bundled powerful and strategic components like Skype for Business, Yammer, focused SharePoint sites, OneDrive, and pair that with training and O365 support.

top consumption award 

“Interlink’s goal is not just to migrate users to Office 365. We want to show our clients how to get real value from their Office 365 investment by going beyond basic emailing and file sharing. By demonstrating how to tap into the power of the platform, our clients get the most out of Office 365 and utilize more of the tools it has to offer,” explains Matt Scherocman, President of Interlink. "This, in turn, drives consumption."

Learn how Interlink can help you get the most out of your Office 365 investment. Contact us Today! 

Office 365 logo

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Sarah Bunt

What is Office Sway?


Sway is now rolling out to users with full features and capabilities.


In October 2014, Microsoft introduced a new way for consumers to share their ideas utilizing a number of multimedia outlets. Sway allows for the compiling of videos, pictures, Tweets, and more in polished reports and presentations – all in an interactive way.

Check out this Sway we put together on the new offerings of Office 365! 

Sway can be used across many different industries and businesses – even in education.

  • Newsletters

  • Marketing plans/campaigns

  • Proposals and sales pitches

  • Project plans/updates

  • Brochures/digital fliers

  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports

  • Training manuals


Sway vs. PowerPoint

  • Fluid. Better movement from slide to slide that gives a more unified flow in the presentation.

  • Embed. Add Tweets, Videos, other Sways and more directly into the presentation simply and without having to interrupt the movement.

  • Upload. Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs can be uploaded and formatted automatically into Sway saving time and energy re-entering all of the content.

  • Explore. Deeper options to navigate with horizontal and vertical movements. Possible integration of vertical movement within a horizontal format.

  • Publish. Created and shared easily on the web with co-authoring capabilities.

 Sway picture

Sway will support Office 365 work and school credentials, meaning all qualified Office 365 for business or education subscribers can start utilizing Sway too. Both Sway on the web and the next Sway for iPhone update will support logging in with Office 365 work or school accounts.

Look for an article on Sway- Tips and Tricks coming soon.

If you want to know about the new Office 365 products, features and updates, contact us here.

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Matt Scherocman

Kickle - Economic, Simple, and Flexible Skype for Business video conferencing

Kickle - Economic, Simple, and Flexible Skype for Business video conferencing

Kickle offers big video conferencing functionality for small conference rooms at a small cost.


Kickle is a compact device that connects to any screen or projector and turns it into a video conferencing system. It’s based on Skype for Business (Lync) software and is compatible with Skype for Business and Lync.The creation of Kickle was inspired by a client who was looking for a simple room based solution based on Lync (now Skype for Business) technology. It can transform any screen into a video conference system simply and in a cost effective manner. You can utilize the resources you already have and make your smaller spaces more useful.


Product Information




Kickle allows for simplicity.


Kickle consists of FOUR appliances:

  • HD webcam - wide-angle lens
  • Kickle Box – essentially a small form factor PC which can be hidden and controls the experience in the room
  • Desktop Microphone - Omni directional microphone used for flawless sound quality.
  • USB sharing cable - connects to the computer to enable document sharing.  

Place the webcam on your chosen display device, place the Kickle appliance behind it, and utilize Skype for Business to have remote meetings in a smart, efficient way.

Packages start at $3000 per room.


Kickle allows for flexibility.


You can even scan a QR code with your smartphone, which generates an email automatically that you can send to your attendees. Or in 3 clicks, you can schedule a meeting from your computer. In addition, you are able to send the whiteboard content through email to all the attendees or save it on a USB.


The unit price is starting from $3000 including the following set-up.                 

Have questions about Kickle or are looking to see a demonstration? Contact us here or at 800-900-1150.

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Welcome to the Interlink Cloud Blog

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations or warranties regarding the information from our partners or other external sources.