Inside the Mind of a Threat Actor

Inside the Mind of a Threat Actor

Get ready for Spring with a campfire story with Critical Start and Interlink. Join us while they share tales of real cyber-attacks. They’ll dig into an attackers thought processes around how they try to gain initial access to target environments and then use that foothold to expand access, launch ransomware attacks, and exfiltrate information. This live session will help you gain an understanding of what goes on in an attacker’s mind so you can be better prepared to protect your environment.

During this session you’ll be able to interact with the Jesse Silver, Critical Start’s Microsoft Solution Principal & Mike Wilson, Interlink’s CTO and have your questions answered such as:

  • Anatomy of how attackers can enter your environment
  • What resources they can attack and what counter measures you can take to stop them from spreading
  • The importance of defense in depth with Microsoft Defender XDR to protect your environment
  • How Critical Start ensures that every alert is investigated to minimize your risk

Join us for this live session to get inside the mind of a threat actor and learn how to keep your environment secure.

For participating during the session, three participants will earn an Amazon gift card!

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