What is the Microsoft 365 Business Plan?

What is the Microsoft 365 Business Plan?

Microsoft 365 Business Plan is all about combining the offerings of Office 365, Windows Intune, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Aimed at small to mid-sized organizations, this new plan looks to create a unified ecosystem of productivity, security and collaboration across a business at an affordable cost of use.

With a reasonably high user limit of up to 300, the Microsoft 365 Business Plan is the perfect solution for your small to medium business or organization. Especially if you’re specifically looking to purchase both Office 365 and Windows 10 and receive enhanced Microsoft Security features. The $20/month cost makes this plan not only an affordable price point, but also provides the critical functionality that businesses need. 

Microsoft 365 Business Plan: The Comprehensive Solution for Collaboration and Security

The Microsoft 365 Business Plan is the comprehensive solution for bring the productive power house of Office 365 and security blanket of Windows 10. Newly updated to include the advanced security features of machine learning email attachment scanning, automatic link checks, and device protection to prevent ransomware attacks.

Bolstered with industry-leading privacy protections, you’ll always have ownership of your data and who can use it or even see it. The foundation of these protections is based on the inclusion of data loss prevention policies to identify, monitor and protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers or private addresses or even a social security number all within Outlook. When securing the devices attached to your network, BitLocker is installed along with Windows 10 to ensure the hardware storing your data is kept secure even in the event of theft or loss of device.

When looking at the numbers of today’s threats, more than 70% of today’s businesses feel vulnerable to attack and more than 87% of those businesses who have already experienced a breach are searching for security. Why not choose a partner who can integrate directly into your productivity software suite and offers a less complex and more affordable solution? This is where Microsoft 365 Business shines as an all-in-one package delivering exactly what today’s businesses are looking for.

Below is a breakdown of the individual features and an easy to read comparison chart on the following pages:

What's Included

Microsoft 365 Business Plan inclusions

The Features of Business Premium for Office 365

The new M365 Business plan comes packed with all the features normally found in the Business Premium Office 365 plan along with shared access on multiple platforms to utilize the full features of this powerhouse of Microsoft applications:

  • Complete Access to Office 365 Applications with the full version of Office 365 which allows you to have access to both the Office Online apps and Office Mobile apps
  • Install Office on up to 5x PCs, 5x Tablets and 5x Smartphones per user
  • Access to online personal storage with 1TB of space through OneDrive for Business
  • Modern Collaboration Tools with access to powerful collaboration tools and portal access to apps like SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, and Skype for Business allowing your employees to communicate effectively
  • 50GB mailbox with access to Exchange

Windows 10 Business

Unlike the other Office 365 business plans such as Business Essentials or Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Business includes Windows 10 Business. This unique feature offers the option of having Windows as part of its subscription. This includes device management and security through Windows 10 as an effective solution.

  • Full licensing of Windows 10 Business
  • Single console to manage user and device settings through device management
  • Automatically deploy Office apps to Windows 10 PCs


  • Protection for Windows 10 devices with access to Windows Defender
  • Unsafe attachment, suspicious link and unseen malware attachment scanning and link checking
  • Information Protection Policies to help control and manage information access
  • Mobile device control and protection
  • Preservation, Compliance & Archiving capabilities with continuous data backup that is accessible anywhere/anytime

Small Business Tools, Antivirus & Intune

  • Access to lightweight version of Intune with Antivirus/Small Business Tools
  • Securely mange iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices
  • Windows AutoPilot self-service PC deployment

As you’ll see in our breakdown chart, there are specific features that are not included in 365 Business Plan that are included in E3 and E5 plans.

In some cases the 365 Business Plan can be the better fit where a more all-encompassing E3 or E5 package may be more than what’s needed.

Let’s look at what’s included in each plan:

Microsoft 365 Business Plan chart

To Learn more about how the Microsoft 365 Business Plan may be the right solution for your organization, please contact the Microsoft experts at Interlink today!


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