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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Running SQL in Azure – The Pros and the Cons


Azure has multiple benefits that allow you to leverage SQL Server technology...

One benefit is that it is available across physical on-premises machines, private cloud environments, third-party hosted private cloud environments, and the public cloud. With so many different options, your organization may need guidance on choosing the best scenario for your needs.

In this on-demand webinar, Interlink Cloud Advisors walks you through the different options of running SQL in Azure or a hybrid solution. We also show you how to choose the best options in different scenarios including high availability, scalability, and platform.

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Just a few of the options covered include:

  • PaaS vs. IaaS SQL
  • PaaS Managed vs. Single Database vs. Elastic Pools
  • Redundancy & High Availability
  • Compute – DTU vs. Core Usage

As a special bonus, our licensing expert also shows you how to navigate licensing options and take advantage of discounts like Hybrid Use Benefits (HUB) and Reserved Instances. Plus, you’ll learn how to ensure that you don’t get unexpected charges when using the service.

Watch the on-demand webinar and download the slides today if you are thinking about running SQL in Azure.


K. Kruthaup
Ken Kruthaup
SQL Practice Lead
Interlink Cloud Advisors
M. Wilson
Mike Wilson
Managing Consultant & VP 
Interlink Cloud Advisors
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