Are you currently using Skype for Business and skeptical about a move to Microsoft Teams? You aren’t alone. Ever since Teams was released, there has been a huge push for feature parity between the two technologies due to concern that Teams will lack the same capabilities.

It’s been just over a year since the Teams launch, and Microsoft claims to have reached a true parity with Skype for Business (SfB). In the Microsoft July Update, Microsoft stated that most features minus a few Enterprise Voice features are still pending on the roadmap. However, upon close inspection, several native features are now referred out to 3rd party solutions (e.g. Whiteboard).

According to reviews and our Interlink experts, there is not a true parity between the two – yet. Teams has recently added a few key elements from Skype Online, that had previously been missing:

However, Teams is still missing some key features or they work significantly differently some examples:

Although Teams is not quite at a feature parity with SfB, it still has very notable features with an enhanced user experience. For many, Teams is starting to rule over Skype because of its other collaboration features and functionality built in.

 Benefits with Teams

Teams is adopting all the same capabilities of SfB and if Teams does not have it now, it is a work in progress for the near future. SfB will start being phased out over time and Teams is the best new technology for collaboration in the workplace.

To compare the features of each technology directly, look at the chart below.

microsoft teams v skype for business

How Can We Help?

As soon as Teams was released, Interlink’s experts have been keeping up to date with Microsoft’s latest updates and features for Teams. Our engineers have worked on numerous upgrades from SfB to Teams and are available to answer any questions or concerns. With experience in both technologies, Interlink has the knowledge to compare them and implement Teams in your companies’ current environment or help get you started with upgrading from SfB. Find out more on how Teams can improve company collaboration and contact us today for further information.

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