Interlink’s Security Managed Services Allows Your Team to Focus on What They Do Best

Interlink’s Security Managed Services Allows Your Team to Focus on What They Do Best

We are seeing active hacker attacks every single day on our clients. According to the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, phishing attack emails increased 250% between January and December of 2018 - emails which use malicious links and attachments to infect an organization. Have you been a victim? Would you know if you were? Most of the successful attacks are due to insufficient security tools, monitoring, and lack of training. None of our clients are in the IT or security monitoring business. Their internal team may be experts at IT for their organization, but likely lack the background and training in security management. A managed security services contract can help save your business time and money – and let you focus on what you do best.

Interlink’s Security Managed Services

With Interlink’s Security Managed Services offer, you will be placing your security needs in the right hands. Our security desk is not only personable but experienced, dedicated and customizable for your organization’s needs. Our approach is multi-faceted including prevention, monitoring, detection, and response – 24x7. 

Our Security Managed Service offerings can be customized to your organization:

  • What do you need?
  • What kind of licensing do you already own?
  • What value are you looking for Interlink to bring?

Interlink can help protect your organization in five key areas: email protection, data protection, identity protection, device reporting, and general reporting.

Email Protection

Protecting email is vital to an organization’s safety. There are a variety of phishing attacks that can infect your business through employee mailboxes. Spearphishing, extortion, credential harvesting, and malware phishing are all types of attacks that contain malware and are a major threat. Out of the four, credential harvesting and malware phishing are the most common types of attacks. Interlink can help monitor and implement the following solutions – with the appropriate licensing – to start preventing, detecting or responding to these attacks.

  • Email health – spam policies, malware policies, deep email attachment scanning
  • Anti-Phishing – safe link rewrite, training, end-user response testing
  • Activity monitoring
  • Anti-spoofing protection, DKIM / DMARC
  • Simulated phishing attacks – the ability to run your own campaign and see who is tricked

Data Protection

It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain control over data. Every day it feels like we have another end-user request for another sharing tool. Businesses need to ensure that only the right people get to see and interact with confidential data. Each day, more and more data is being considered confidential including almost anything shared with us by our clients and suppliers. Protecting data requires strong governance, powerful tools, and better visibility to the activities of our end users than ever before. We need tools that can be located where data is stored, classify it, and track its movement and usage. 

  • Data loss prevention management
  • Rights management – Azure Information Protection & Scanning
  • E-Discovery processing
  • Cloud application security policies
  • Shadow IT Reporting – what services/applications are end-users really using

Identity Protection

Protecting company credentials is becoming more important, as credential harvesting attacks have been on the rise. Credentials can be a variety of items including a password, an account’s NTLM hash, and/or a Kerberos TGT. When these kinds of credentials are hacked, there is the potential for the entire company to be at risk. The big issue with credentials is that it only takes one technician with a privileged account making one mistake just one time – and that can lead to a domain-wide compromise, which is why Identity Protection is a must for any organization, big or small.

  • Login monitoring - location, abnormal behavior, risky IP addresses
  • Password complexity and uniqueness testing

Device/Endpoint Protection

Managing an organization’s devices is important to keep each employee’s devices secure and compliant, especially considering they contain important information and credentials. The tools below can help Interlink monitor device compliance, setting compliance, audit logs, device health, set up mobile threat defense and more. 

  • Endpoint detection, protection, and response
  • Machine policies and risk ratings
  • Active threat hunting – device
  • Application Whitelisting
  • Device Data Encryption

Overall Security Reporting

These overall reports are a great way for you to visualize your company’s security on a monthly basis, to see where you need to invest extra time or resources in support, security and/or compliance. In general, these reports can help you plan out better methods or strategies to protect your business.

  • Executive summaries
  • Key performance indicators
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Incident reporting
  • Risk types reporting

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Let’s face it – your team knows your business better than anyone else, so don’t let them spend their time doing necessary, but repetitive tasks like security monitoring and preventative maintenance. Interlink’s Managed Services allows your team to refocus on the things that matter most to your company, while still maintaining good security posture.

Our team can manage everything from on-premises to Office 365 to Azure Backup – and we know the IT business!

  • Best practices utilized from an experienced firm that sees dozens of environments every single day
  • Leverage monitoring to proactively resolves issues before they cause downtime
  • Ensure that servers are running at peak performance
  • Outsourcing server support and maintenance is a commodity - no business knowledge needed
  • Reduce operational costs while increasing network and application reliability
  • Increase security while the software is updated and patched regularly

The best part about outsourcing these tasks to Interlink is that our Managed Service plans are customizable to what your company really needs. Our Managed Services team is proactive, dedicated and experienced. Want to know more?

Contact us today and we can start a conversation on how Interlink can bring the most value to your organization.

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