Run Your Native VMware Workloads in Azure

Run Your Native VMware Workloads in Azure

Azure VMware Solutions deliver a comprehensive environment allowing customers to run native VMware workloads on Azure.

You can now seamlessly run, manage, and secure applications across VMware environments on-premises and in Microsoft Azure with a common operating framework.

Why Azure?

By using Azure, organizations get scale, automation, and fast provisioning for their VMware workloads on the global Azure infrastructure. VMware workloads on Azure can easily be modernized through integration with services such as Azure Active Directory, Azure AI, and Analytics, thus enabling new, intelligent experiences. Microsoft’s technologies work best when integrated and allows for optimized solutions. Take advantage of unmatched Azure pricing for Windows Server and SQL Server and utilize Microsoft’s Hybrid Use Benefit as well!

Organizations will be able to capitalize on their existing VMware investments, skills, and tools, including VM vSphere, vSAN, and vCenter while leveraging the scale, performance, and innovation of Azure. Get on-demand access to additional capacity when you consolidate, retire, or expand existing datacenters. Move to Azure seamlessly using VMware’s HCX technology and continue to manage your environment using the same VMware tools you already know: vSphere Client, NSX-T, Power CLI, or any popular DevOps toolchain. Ensure operational continuity when redeploying your vSphere-based applications to Azure and avoid the complexity of application refactoring.

Azure utilizes CloudSimple to run vSphere on top of Azure infrastructure. The interface is the same as it was on-prem, but instead of running it on expensive hardware, organizations can run it in Azure! Data Centers such as NSX-T and vSAN are also completely available for networking and storage.

Take advantage of Azure’s native tools in your Virtual Machine environment:

  • Using Azure’s built in governance tools to manage and secure the VMware virtual machines. Tools like management groups, role-based access, and Azure policies.
  • Azure backup and site recovery can be used on VMware virtual machines in Azure, allowing users to take advantage of Azure disaster recovery and business continuity tools.
  • Use Hyper-V to run VMware – make dev/test more efficient and improve business continuity for your workloads.

How VMware Workloads Run in Azure & Capabilities

Provision your VMware environment on Azure in minutes! The Azure VMware Solution is an Azure service to bring your VMware-based environments to Azure – without any, or only minor modifications. The Azure VMware Solution includes licensing for: vShpere, vCenter, vSan, NSX-T and HCX. For additional VMware or third-party components customers can bring-your-own-license.

Please note that no conversion is necessary; you can use VMware to manage Azure today. The CloudSimple portal provides an interface to the vSphere web client and an interface to manage the VMware environment. Organizations’ long-term cost is reduced by using VMware with Azure. Additionally, organizations can take advantage of Hybrid Use and Reserved Instances. This is a great way for companies to “try out” Azure with minimal change to the tools they are accustomed to using. Also, if your VMware environment is running 2008 servers, you can benefit from Microsoft’s offer to receive Extended Security Updates if the workloads are migrated to Azure to keep them protected.

Azure VMware brings a differentiated set of capabilities:

  • Azure native services integration: Connect to Azure services endpoints and leverage Azure Active Directory as a VMware vCenter SSO identity source
  • Save money with managed infrastructure and expand or shrink your environment on demand as your business needs change. Lower your costs with monthly consumption pricing by reusing your existing on-premises licenses for Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure with Azure Hybrid Benefit, and by purchasing your compute resources in advance with reservation pricing.
  • Lower cost for Windows Server and SQL Server: Major cost reductions for Windows Server and SQL Server with extended security updates in addition to reservation discounts (for both Linus and Windows)
  • vSphere Network Full Compatibility: Full compatibility with both NSX SDN architectures as well as traditional vSphere networking
  • Elevated Privileges mode (root access): Self-service – Just-in-time admin access to vCenter (management) to enable wide ecosystem tool compatibility
  • Unified Management: Simple pane of glass to manage vSphere-based and Azure native VMs, with uniform identities, access control and monitoring

View the following graphic for specifications:

Azure VMware solutions

How Interlink Can Help:

The experts at Interlink are able to guide you through the entire process of utilizing Azure for VMware. We are able to provide and support the management systems, networking services, operating platform, and backend infrastructure required to run native VMware environments at scale in Azure. We work with you to identify specific organizational needs and bring a deep understanding of this software to the table.

Contact us today to learn to more!

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