Need help managing the Cloud? Engage a Microsoft CSP to Guide You.

Need help managing the Cloud? Engage a Microsoft CSP to Guide You.

Traveling in an unknown country, going on a safari, or climbing Mount Everest all have one thing in common – to get the most out of the trip and stay safe along the way you need the services of a reliable, knowledgeable guide. Moving to the Microsoft 365 or Azure may not present as many personal perils, but it is also a journey you should take accompanied by a guide well versed in the territory.

Partnering with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like Interlink provides you with expert guidance and years of experience to navigate around the potential pitfalls that exist when you decide to move new workloads to the Cloud and as you decide to enhance your cloud experience with new tools, security options, and collaboration features. There are a number of ways a CSP can help with your adoption of the Cloud.

Licensing Expertise – The Microsoft licensing process and details are confusing. Your CSP helps you demystify the ins and outs and helps you avoid the most frequent licensing missteps while ensuring you have the most cost-effective solution available. Stop paying for licenses you do not need and save money through Interlink’s free comprehensive Licensing Health Check. We’ve helped clients save 30%+ on their licensing costs just by selecting a better mix of plans. We saved one company over $80,000 per year when their previous partner didn’t understand how the bundles worked and effectively licensed them for the same product twice.

Dedicated Support – Engaging with a CSP like Interlink ensures you of committed local support from someone who knows you and your business. They understand your environment and work with you based on the troubleshooting your team has already done instead of just reading from a script.

Competitive Pricing – For organizations with less than 2,400 users, a CSP agreement can provide you with the most attractive pricing package. There are no minimum requirements, you can increase or decrease User Software Licenses (SLs) to match the ups and downs of your business, and you pay only for the resources you license. Learn how a CSP can help you generate significant savingsa CSP can help you generate significant savings.

Cloud Experience – Your CSP has made the trip to the Cloud many times before and will help you with the many decisions facing you along the way, which can save your organization from headaches along the way.

Interlink can support your adoption of the Cloud with planning, architecture, deployment, and management solutions designed to easily migrate and support your critical workloads. To learn more about the benefits of using a Microsoft CSP and how Interlink can help ensure a smooth, secure transition, check out our latest eBook, The Ultimate Cloud Solution Provider Guide.

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