ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Is it a constant struggle to effectively communicate with your team members?

Do you also find it hard to keep tasks on track and delegate who does what? Have you ever wondered who should be copied on a communication and who shouldn’t? Microsoft Teams may be the answer!

With Teams, you can communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know! The application lets you stay connected with chat, calls, and meetings within your business and tailors your workspace to include key services, explore data and get updates from the products your employees use every day! 

In an informative on-demand event, Microsoft and Interlink Cloud Advisors cover Microsoft Teams - in detail. After viewing the webinar and slide deck, you'll have a good grasp on the capabilities of Teams, how it integrates with other Office 365 workloads and how it can help with collaboration in your organization. You'l also learn about the Teams roadmap, future changes and improvements.

teams webinar view webinar slides

After this online event, you'll have a firm understanding of:

  • What Teams is and how clients are using it successfully
  • Integration capabilities and features of Teams
  • Future roadmap of Teams
  • Teams Live Events capabilities
  • And more...

Plus, you'll get to see a demo of Microsoft Teams in a corporate environment that includes cool new features!

Watch the webinar today if you have ANY questions about Teams.




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