Kickle - Economic, Simple, and Flexible Skype for Business video conferencing

Kickle - Economic, Simple, and Flexible Skype for Business video conferencing

Kickle offers big video conferencing functionality for small conference rooms at a small cost.


Kickle is a compact device that connects to any screen or projector and turns it into a video conferencing system. It’s based on Skype for Business (Lync) software and is compatible with Skype for Business and Lync.The creation of Kickle was inspired by a client who was looking for a simple room based solution based on Lync (now Skype for Business) technology. It can transform any screen into a video conference system simply and in a cost effective manner. You can utilize the resources you already have and make your smaller spaces more useful.


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Kickle allows for simplicity.


Kickle consists of FOUR appliances:

  • HD webcam - wide-angle lens
  • Kickle Box – essentially a small form factor PC which can be hidden and controls the experience in the room
  • Desktop Microphone - Omni directional microphone used for flawless sound quality.
  • USB sharing cable - connects to the computer to enable document sharing.  

Place the webcam on your chosen display device, place the Kickle appliance behind it, and utilize Skype for Business to have remote meetings in a smart, efficient way.

Packages start at $3000 per room.


Kickle allows for flexibility.


You can even scan a QR code with your smartphone, which generates an email automatically that you can send to your attendees. Or in 3 clicks, you can schedule a meeting from your computer. In addition, you are able to send the whiteboard content through email to all the attendees or save it on a USB.


The unit price is starting from $3000 including the following set-up.                 

Have questions about Kickle or are looking to see a demonstration? Contact us here or at 800-900-1150.

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