By using videos to make content more memorable and engaging. Video can grab and hold viewers’ attention as no other medium can.

Recently, Microsoft rolled out Microsoft® Office 365 Video, its new intranet website video portal. Based on SharePoint™ Online in Office 365, it’s a streaming video service designed for your intranet. Think of it as an internal YouTube channel for your company. Click here for a quick overview video

One Service, Three Ways to Improve Business Processes

The Office 365 Video service offers secure, reliable support for cooperative work you engage in every day.

Office 365 Video delivers powerful, flexible services based on new and established technology.

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Breakthrough Technology Enables Powerful Video Tools

Use the Office 365 Video service toupload, navigate, post and share videos with less time, effort and IT expertise than ever before.

Discover how the Office 365 Video service can accelerate your everyday tasks and business processes. Office 365 Video is available through most Microsoft EA Plans. Learn more.  

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