Easily Improve the Security of Office 365 with Secure Score

Easily Improve the Security of Office 365 with Secure Score

Everybody has a burning desire to keep score. Whether it involves the seventh game of the NBA finals or the value of your house compared to your next-door neighbor, most people want to know where they stand.  

Up to now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive scoreboard to empirically gauge data risk levels in the cloud. That all changed with the introduction of Office 365 Secure Score – a feature from Microsoft that tracks and analyzes your ongoing activity and security settings and presents you with an overall security score.

Maintaining the security of your data and systems is crucial to your business. Using Secure Score is an effective way to keep a close eye on your security tools use and procedures.

Benchmarking Best Practices

Microsoft has constructed a series of best practices to establish a security baseline. Secure Score evaluates over 70 different factors surrounding various Office 365 products like SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive. It reviews your system settings and user activity and compares them to best practices. From there, it presents you with your score. Users with admin permissions for Office 365 Premium or Enterprise subscriptions can access the score and share it with the rest of the organization.

Your Secure Score measures how well you are using security features that help prevent your organization from getting breached. Although the score doesn’t determine how likely you are to suffer a breach, it does help provide an indicator that tells you how well you are doing when it comes to leveraging the security tools that are available to you.

Acting to Improve Your Score with Secure Score

Once you have your results, you can go to Secure Score’s Score Analyzer to see what actions you need to take to enhance the security of your systems and improve your score.  The Score Analyzer breaks down the action items, the threats it addresses, and ways to make improvements. As you begin implementing corrective actions, you can access the Score Analyzer page to track how you are progressing.


Improving your score is tied to the use of the built-in security features in Office 365. Many of these features are already resident in the applications you use every day but you may not be fully aware of them. You also get points for carrying out security related tasks like reading reports, implementing multi-factor authentication or enabling audit data recording.  

Interlink Cloud Advisors has a long history of helping organizations manage system security. Contact us go over your Secure Score with you to help prioritize your security initiatives to raise your Secure Score and help safeguard your organization against threats.

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