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Documents come to life with Yammer!

Have you ever edited a collaboratively created document and wanted others to input without being restricted to comments? Microsoft has recently embedded the social collaboration capabilities of Yammer into the Office apps! This means that employees can communicate their ideas and expertise about Office documents right from within the application they are working in. Employees can ask questions and offer feedback to their co-workers from the documents they’re working in. Since people are communicating through a Yammer feed, they can view and participate in conversations outside of the document and any other place where a Yammer feed is embedded.

Check out this 30 second video for a great visual:

Whenever you open a file in your browser a Yammer conversation pane will pop up on the right side of your screen. The Yammer pane also allows you to post messages, mention your coworkers, and publish to a Yammer group. The functionality is for internal Yammer networks.

This feature is expected to roll out this month so expect to see it soon!

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