The Business and Technical Benefits of Azure AD Domain Services

The Business and Technical Benefits of Azure AD Domain Services

Azure AD Domain Services provides managed domain services that relieve the high cost and administrative overhead required when deploying domain controllers using virtual machines in Azure. Other approaches often require admins to manage and monitor every small detail of these domain controllers, which can cause workloads to be vulnerable to transient network glitches or outages, resulting in lower uptime and reduced reliability due to network outages. With Azure AD Domain Services, you no longer have to worry about this.

Business Benefits of Azure AD Domain Services:

  • The total cost of ownership reduction for IAAS customers who can now leverage a domain service in the cloud and reduce the overall virtual machine footprint
  • Offers customers new options and flexibility as they plan and deploy their enterprise IT resources across on-premises and the cloud
  • Quickly enable Azure Active Directory Domain Services in minutes for your Azure Active Directory tenant
  • Pay as you go. You pay an hourly charge based on the size of the directory
  • It's a highly available managed service hosted in globally distributed datacenters

Azure AD Domain Services

Technical Benefits of Azure AD Domain Services:

  • Creates a hybrid extension of customers on premise domain controllers and enhances capabilities of SSO and other Azure services needing to leverage certain types of authentication
  • Azure AD Domain Services managed cloud based domain services such as domain join, group policy, LDAP and Kerberos/NTLM authentication in the Azure cloud
  • Customers get the full benefit of Windows Server AD in the cloud domain, without having to deploy, manage, monitor, and patch domain controllers

Pricing Details

Azure Active Directory Domain Services usage is charged per hour, based on the total number of objects in your Azure AD tenant, including users, groups, and domain-joined computers.

Azure AD Domain Services pricing v2

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