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Overview of Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. Sentinel brings compliance to organizations through connecting Office 365 logs, especially when researching events that happened in the past, like previous behavior of a former employee or trying to determine access points that hackers may have used for entry while the default is that the log is only kept for 90 days. This is very limiting when a security breach occurs, or organizations would like to keep logs for more than 90 days. Connecting Office 365 logs to Azure Sentinel enables you to view and analyze this data in your workbooks, query it to create custom alerts, and incorporate it to improve your investigation process, giving you more insight into your Office 365 security.

Azure Sentinel brings peace of mind and safety with wide reach security monitoring and analysis. Use it to detect security incidents and threats and alert organizations – then use Azure Sentinel to investigate and mitigate threats. This is a birds-eye view across your organization, and ultimately relieves the stress of increasingly sophisticated malware attacks and threats. Sentinel provides organizations with intelligent security analytics that will simplify security needs. Organizations can aggregate all their security data in one place with built-in connectors, native integration of Microsoft signals, and support for industry-standard log formats. Azure Sentinel better addresses the main SIEM landscape challenges by simplifying data residency and a unified approach to an organization's security landscape

Benefits of Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel can enable your organization to:

Azure Sentinel core capabilities

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How it Works

Azure Sentinel connects to your Microsoft security sources: Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Azure Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, and more. In addition, there are built-in connectors to the broader security ecosystem for non-Microsoft solutions. Once connected, Sentinel monitors data using the integration with Azure Monitor Workbooks, which allows custom workbooks across your data to gain insights quickly. Templates are also built-in for organizations to use.

Organizations can use analytics to correlate alerts into incidents, then create a possible-threat item that you can investigate and resolve. Save your organization time and headaches by automating common tasks and simplify security orchestration with playbooks that integrate with Azure services as well as your existing tools. Quickly find the root cause of a threat through search-and-query tools. Here is a preview of the Azure Sentinel in work:

azure sentinel how it works

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Why Microsoft?

Microsoft technologies perform optimally when integrated with each other. Azure Sentinel bridges the gap between Microsoft security sources working together best, and other security sources in an organization’s security ecosystem. Security analytics and operations technologies must lean in and help security analysts deal with the complexity, pace, and scale of their responsibilities. That is where Azure Sentinel comes in as a re-invented SIEM in the cloud to address the modern challenges of security analytics. Since our inception in 2011, Interlink has focused solely on providing exceptional support and solutions around Microsoft-based technologies. We educate and guide, so our clients avoid overpaying for licensing or purchasing unneeded technologies.

Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst and Enterprise Strategy Group Fellow, has compiled an e-book on Industry Trends regarding Security Analytics and Operations. In the book, he provides research-based insights on how real organizations are switching to cloud-based security, and why that benefits their organization's security solutions. From understanding challenges today to future security analytic plans, this e-book is worth reading. View this e-book here!

Azure Sentinel Energize Workshop

Azure Sentinel Energize Workshop is a structured engagement that leverages Azure Sentinel and selected Microsoft 365 security products to help organizations get an overview of Azure Sentinel and get insights on active threats across on-premises and cloud workloads. The Azure Sentinel Workshop has been designed to be utilized in one of the following scenarios:

At the end of the engagements, the customer will:

Learn if Azure Sentinel is right for your organization! Funding for this engagement may be available from Microsoft. Contact Interlink to discuss your organization’s specific environment and to learn more today!

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