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Kirk Terrell

Office 365 Cloud App Security: Get Security Visibility in the Cloud


All the Cloud Controls You Have Been Waiting For

When company credentials have been compromised, all corporate data is instantly at risk. Hackers only need one victim to begin to access an entire organization – do you have a plan in place to prepare, detect or stop the threat before it’s too late?

Account compromise and credential harvesting attacks are occurring at alarming rates. In the event of a successful account compromise, time is crucial and the ability to respond quickly can significantly decrease the damage to your organization. Incident response teams should have a clear understanding of the steps involved in remediating unauthorized access events.  These steps should be clear and concise to avoid confusion and delayed containment. Microsoft helps with these steps by providing one single tool that covers many of the core incident response tasks.

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Karly Dwenger

WEBINAR ON 02.19.19 | Security on a Tight Budget


regsiter 02.19.19

Do you need to invest in better security without overspending?

Keeping your company compliant and secure should be a top priority. Have you been holding back on updating your security solutions with the fear of going over budget? Are you looking for ways to cut costs while still getting the best security has to offer? This webinar can help!

 On February 19th, join Interlink Cloud Advisors for an in-depth discussion on best security recommendations - on a budget - and explore Microsoft's new security and compliance bundles that will save you $$$.

 In this online event, you’ll get an idea of how to ensure your business is safe, secure and compliant without breaking the bank. Plus, we'll provide recommendations and solutions to help you keep up with security, while on a tight budget.

After this event, you will have a firm understanding of:

  • Security Solutions
  • Microsoft's new Security & Compliance Bundles
  • How to be Secure and Still Cut Costs

Save your seat today if you have ANY questions about Microsoft's Security & Compliance bundles.

Date: February 19, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST


M. Scherocman

Matt Scherocman
President | Interlink Cloud Advisors

mike wilson

Mike Wilson
VP & Managing Consultant | Interlink Cloud Advisors

Kirk Terrell
Senior Consultant, Interlink Cloud Advisors
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Mike Wilson

Securing Guest Access Without Paying More with Azure Active Directory B2B


Working with external companies and partner organizations just became a lot easier thanks to one of Azure AD’s service features: Azure AD Business-to-Business (B2B).

Companies always looking for solutions to improve their security and simplify collaboration. In today’s workplace, it’s very common for organizations to work with external partners. Office 365 is a great solution to collaborate with people both inside and outside your organizations, as it provides an easy way to share documents with external users or invite them to join your Microsoft Teams. Unfortunately, when you share using the default methods, your external users aren’t subject to the same security policies, such as multifactor authentication, that you’ve set up for your internal users. 

What most organizations are looking for is a way to manage external access that is predictable and consistent with their security practices. A hidden gem that is part of Azure Active Directory and solves this problem is leveraging Azure Active Directory B2B users. Azure AD B2B is not a different version of Active Directory, but just an additional feature that allows one organization to invite members from other organizations to share application access. This tool is beneficial not only for seamless collaboration, but it decreases the worry of security issues.

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Nader Fattah

Take Control of Your Windows Updates with These Simple Solutions


With the most recent Windows update causing major issues with lost data for its users, people are beginning to feel weary of these automatic updates, so what can you do to manage them?

Windows updates are important—not only for security but to access new features and to fix any bugs… but that does not mean these updates have to be an annoying, intrusive or dangerous process.

Most recently, the Windows 10 October update had users reporting several wide-ranging issues caused by the update. The biggest complaint? Lost data and files. Yikes! Other complaints included issues with CPU usage and reduced battery life post update as well. Luckily, there are a few options to better manage these automatic updates to protect your data.

Depending on your industry, the size of your company and other factors, one solution may work better than others in your workplace. Look at these three solutions that allow you to be in charge of the timing of your updates. 

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Eric Brophy

Prepare for Ransomware Attacks – What to Know


Cyberattacks are starting to hit harder than ever – and they are hitting every sector.

Ransomware attacks are becoming more vicious and impactful to our clients. Here are some high-level thoughts on preparing for the next attack.

Ransomware attacks are nothing new, they have been around for ages – the first documented attack being in 1989 known as the AIDS Trojan. This attack set the stage for the more sophisticated attacks we are seeing more frequently today. Infections have steadily increased every year since 2013, reaching record levels last year in 2017.

Recently, these infections have become more advanced and more dangerous. Hackers are now making their software harder to detect. Attackers can now also combine attacks by crafting a software to first hack into a network and then build a second software to capture the keystrokes of the users. With these attacks becoming more complex, it is important to ensure your organization is actively working on security practices and adding layers of protection constantly.

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Welcome to the Interlink Cloud Blog

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations or warranties regarding the information from our partners or other external sources.