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Meet Cortana – Your New Calendar Assistant


Tired of spending too much time trying to coordinate group meeting times? Microsoft has developed Cortana into your very own AI assistant to fix that!

We’ve all been there. Countless emails, slow responses, and not knowing other’s calendars when it comes time to schedule a meeting. The amount of time it takes just to find a time to meet feels a little ridiculous sometimes. Surely there must be a better way, right?

Microsoft recently released a new application to solve this very problem. This project is called “” and is assisted by Cortana – Microsoft’s AI digital assistant, whose mission is to help you get things done. To now schedule a meeting with either a group or individual, simply CC: Cortana in an email and ask her in the email to set up a meeting! Cortana will automatically respond to those you invite and take care of all the back and forth emails by accessing anyone’s shared calendar or responding to emails of those who haven’t shared their calendar with Cortana. Not only will this save time and make meeting times more efficient, but it will also allow your organization to be overall more productive.

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