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Robert Gates helps companies and Microsoft partners use technology to disrupt their business models allowing them to achieve more. His curiosity and a persistent nature to solve problems has led him to a career in technology. Collaboration and Caring for others have led him to focus on the business side working with leaders driving change for custo...mers, employees, and society. Over 20 years of experience across multiple verticals and a wide range of technology solutions. Big 4 Consulting experience working at Ernst & Young, Deep Technology experience working at Microsoft, Large Internet site experience supporting,,, Coldwell Banker, and other Cendant assets. Over a decade of experience as a Business and Technology Consultant which has allowed him to rapidly grow knowledge and skills across a diverse set of technology solutions and business challenges. Robert’s experiences over the years have spanned across Infrastructure, Operations, Information Security, Transactional, Analytical, and Master Data, Business, User workflows, and various aspects of Software Development covering Design, Build, Testing, and Deployment. He has a strong market sense and can quickly see Industry trends and is willing to pivot and adapt to re-invent his self and explore the unknown. As a translator of technology, he identifies trends and help organizations understand which solutions to adopt to meet their business goals. When looking at new technology trends, he focuses on understanding how they impact people, process, surrounding technologies to ensure it meets the business objectives. He is often a go-to person to solve business or technology challenges especially during critical times, which require a calm and focused approach. Robert is currently focused on Cloud Technologies such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure and driving business solutions. More
Robert Gates

Microsoft Teams – Don’t Just Turn It On, Spend Time Planning


This blog article was originally posted on April 22, 2019, by Robert J. Gates


Microsoft Teams is a transformational tool, with that make sure to spend some time thinking about how you should configure various security, compliance, and governance settings across the platform.

For the past several years I have had the opportunity to transform the way I work, communicate, and collaborate within my team and across various groups internally and externally. At first glance, Microsoft Teams may look like a simple chat client but there are many aspects across data, communication, and collaboration capabilities that can produce a fair amount of data.

The data generated within Microsoft Teams can provide a ton of value for an organization but for a legal, security, and compliance aspect it’s important to spend some time making sure you have Microsoft Teams configured to meet your organization’s needs.

To get started I recommend taking a look at the Microsoft Teams Governance Quick Start Guide. It’s a great place to get started in identifying and preparing your Microsoft Teams environment. As you continue your journey in deploying Microsoft Teams you will want to drill down in the various Microsoft Teams Policies focused on the various elements across the platform.

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