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Matt Scherocman brings more than 15 years of experience in the information technology industry to Interlink Cloud Advisors. His experience includes both the system integrator and manufacturer sides of the business. During his time at the Microsoft Corporation he was responsible for all the the Large Account Reseller (LAR) relationships in the four ...state Heartland Area of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Prior to Microsoft, Scherocman led a Cincinnati based IT consulting company to grow 5000% and become a Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year. He is actively involved in the strategic vision and operation decisions of the company including finance, selling strategy and marketing. Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Business degree from Miami University and is a Certified Expert in Microsoft licensing including speaking engagements at both Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference and Channel Partner Summit. He is a frequent contributor to leading industry publications. More
Matt Scherocman

What Are The Different Options for Microsoft Office?


The following chart highlights the differences/similarities between Microsoft Office Products, to help you better understand what product will best fit your needs.

For more information on each, please see the links below:
Traditional Office Pro
Office 365 Pro Plus
Office Web Apps
Office Mobile

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Matt Scherocman

Does Microsoft Have Training for Skype for Business?

Microsoft has a free program for End User Lync Training (See link Below)
Designed as 30- to 60-minute learning modules, these engaging sessions enable users to focus their attention on one workload at a time, expediting their learning curve, building confidence, and improving their overall experiences with Lync.
Examples of current course offerings include:

    • Lync Daily Demo: a high-level overview of Lync’s capabilities, designed for those evaluating or just getting started with Lync
    • Contacts and Conversations: a deep look at how to optimize Lync’s instant messaging and presence capabilities
    • Enterprise Voice Basics: an overview of using Lync’s enterprise voice features
    • Online Meeting Basics: an introduction to scheduling and presenting Lync meetings
    • Present Like a Pro: an advanced class designed to hone one’s Lync presentation skills

Action Maximize your Lync adoption potential with these complimentary, instructor-led, online training courses.
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Matt Scherocman

What Are The Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider?

Microsoft has identified the key privacy and security considerations to help you determine the cloud service provider that meets your security expectations.

A few examples taken from "The Top 10 Trust Tenets" article:

    1. Who owns the data I put in your service?
    1. Where is my data located?
    1. How is my data protected from external attacks?
    1. Can I get my data out of your service whenever I want?
    1. Will you use my data to build advertising products?

This article address many of the questions and concerns of moving to the cloud.
Click here to find the answers and access the article online
Other topics found in this article include:

    • Top 10 privacy and security features of Office365
    • Top 10 contracts, certifications, standards, and regulations that enable compliance

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Matt Scherocman

Cloud Migration Services: Who is Moving To The Cloud?

We are asked frequently about who is moving to the cloud and why they are choosing to take that initiative.  Below is a list of different reason and scenarios.  At Interlink, we are seeing that Merger and Acquisitions are the #1 driver of the cloud.  Clients have given us these reasons for making the move:

    • Not enough capacity in either environment to consolidate all users
    • Start collaborating with a shared space with SharePoint and Lync right away with the consolidation teams
    • Quickly build bridges to share free / busy and global address lists
    • Be able to break or negotiate contracts with existing providers
    • Get IT costs covered in the integration budget
    • More flexibility and less cash outlay if one entity has a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and one does not

who moves to the cloud1who moves to the cloud2


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Matt Scherocman

Which Online Plans Include Yammer?

Microsoft’s purchase of Yammer means that they have a real social collaboration platform.  Plus, they have included it in Office 365 SharePoint and E Plans at no additional cost for Enterprise Agreement (EA) clients.  The bottom line is that any plan with SharePoint now includes Yammer if it is licensed under an EA.  We also predict that Yammer will become available to everyone as Microsoft’s consolidates the licensing tools for Yammer with Office 365 later this year.

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