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Aaron is a Senior Consultant at Interlink Cloud Advisors. His specialties include Microsoft unified communications and core infrastructure solutions:

  • Lync Server Enterprise Voice with full PBX integration
  • AudioCodes/NET VoIP media gateways
  • OCS 2007
  • Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Active Directory
  • Windows Server
  • Teams
Aaron Seals

Lotus Notes to Exchange Online - Best Practices


Everything has its time. For your Lotus Notes deployment, sadly, the glory days are long past.

When it comes to migrations and understanding specific organizations environments needs and goals – we are the experts and have many best practices in place.

Technology is constantly evolving. Years ago, Lotus Notes met and exceed organizational needs, both as a groupware mail system and as an app platform. However, increased demands and innovations in the industry have made this software no longer enough to help organizations stay productive and work optimally.

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Aaron Seals

It’s Official – Skype for Business Online Has Announced Its Retirement


With Microsoft Teams moving in to become the core collaboration & communication client for Office 365, Skype for Business will officially retire on July 31st, 2021.

Finally! Microsoft has officially announced the retirement of Skype for Business Online. After July 31st, 2021 the service will no longer be accessible. If you’ve been putting off the decision to migrate to Microsoft Teams – now is the time to start your planning.  Here’s the update on the retirement plan and the next steps to take. 

Why is Skype for Business Online Retiring Now?

In 2017, Microsoft Teams was written from scratch as an all in one central hub for teamwork. Since then, Microsoft has been working with partners and customers to improve Teams and get it to where it needs to be to take over for Skype. Microsoft now feels Teams is at the point where they can confidently recommend it as their primary communication and collaboration platform.

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Aaron Seals

New Ways to Empower & Connect Your Firstline Workers with Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams has introduced three new ways to help organizations grow by improving the way their firstline workers become digitally connected.

Are your firstline workers valued, connected and empowered in your organization? If not, that may be the factor holding your company back from further annual growth. Firstline workers are people who work in service or task-oriented roles across a variety of industries such as retail, hospitality or manufacturing. Empowering these workers with the digital tools and platforms they need to serve customers, share information and improve productivity creates competitive advantage. Studies have shown that organizations that empower their firstline workers receive huge benefits. Firstline workers consist of more than two billion people worldwide but they are often overlooked in the majority of organizations. However, according to this Forbes & Microsoft Insights study, when firstline workers are given full technology capabilities, greater autonomy and higher levels of information sharing, the company is three times more likely to be a high-growth company. More than 80% of companies see higher levels of customer satisfaction and higher levels of job satisfaction among employees when their firstline workers are digitally connected.

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Aaron Seals

Microsoft Teams is Replacing Skype for Business - Are you Ready?


There’s a major shift coming up for companies using Skype for Business, and whether they’re ready or not, Microsoft Teams will be taking over. There has been a lot of improvement since Teams first rolled out, and Microsoft announced they would be phasing out Skype. The roadmap for this integration is complete, and Teams is now the go-to solution for collaboration services. However, we know that with this big shift companies will inevitably have questions and concerns.  What is the future for Skype? Can the two tools coexist? What does this transition mean in terms of licensing? Not to fear—Interlink is here to guide you through the transition and answer any questions you may have. Here are some common questions and concerns that we’ve seen.

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Aaron Seals

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams Parity – True or False?


Are you currently using Skype for Business and skeptical about a move to Microsoft Teams? You aren’t alone. Ever since Teams was released, there has been a huge push for feature parity between the two technologies due to concern that Teams will lack the same capabilities.

It’s been just over a year since the Teams launch, and Microsoft claims to have reached a true parity with Skype for Business (SfB). In the Microsoft July Update, Microsoft stated that most features minus a few Enterprise Voice features are still pending on the roadmap. However, upon close inspection, several native features are now referred out to 3rd party solutions (e.g. Whiteboard).

According to reviews and our Interlink experts, there is not a true parity between the two – yet. Teams has recently added a few key elements from Skype Online, that had previously been missing:

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