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Interlink Enterprise Mobility + Security Services

Interlink was one of the first Gold Partners in the world for Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite (EMS). We have watched the suite evolve into the powerhouse solution that it is today. We know how to use these technologies to better protect your end user’s identities, watch for issues in your environment, and secure your data. Our licensing expertise can help you figure out if the bundle is cost effective for your organization. Our product experts have the knowledge to determine if each product will meet your business needs and if it can replace a competing product you might already be using – thus saving your organization money.

We understand that security is required. We also know that end user disruption must be kept to a minimum to be successful – especially for the C-Suite.

  •   Ensure you fully understand the full scope of the product you own or are looking at– many organizations can quickly deploy advanced security and mobility functionality they may not know are included
  •   Help plan and execute deployment of all products in the suite based on your requirements and business situation
  •   Explain critical paths of each security feature based on our experience with numerous EMS rollouts
  •   Build EMS into a larger cloud deployment plan that recognizes the efficiencies of deploying certain products in a particular order
  •   Managed security offerings to have Interlink monitor and respond to potential breaches

Stay secure and productive on your favorite apps and devices with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your enterprise mobility needs.

Watch the video to better understand the quick business benefits of EMS.

  •   Users expect to be productive across a variety of device types, with access to the applications they need
  •   As more technology moves to the cloud, businesses and their users struggle to manage multiple identities and passwords across many platforms and devices
  •   Businesses must protect their data, regardless of where it resides, so they require a comprehensive set of access control and data protection capabilities

The Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution to safeguard data while preserving the mobile and desktop experiences today’s workforce requires.

The Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite discount makes it the most cost-effective way to acquire the included cloud services:

  •   Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium for hybrid identity management
  •   Microsoft Intune for mobile device and application management
  •   Microsoft Azure Rights Management for information protection
  •   Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics for network access protection

What's Included:

Hybrid Identity and Access Management

Microsoft Azure AD Premium delivers robust identity and access management from the cloud, in sync with your existing on-premises deployments:

  •   Multi-factor authentication / Conditional Access to reduce the ability of hackers to use stolen identities
  •   Web-based self-service password reset, integrated with Office 365
  •   Web-based self-service group management, including group expiration settings
  •   Machine learning driven security reports to show login anomalies and other threats
  •   Single sign-on capabilities to thousands of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications including apps such as Salesforce, Box.com, Facebook and more
  •   Provide more control and granularity around administrator privileges and accounts

Mobile Device and Application Management

Microsoft Intune provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud:

  •   Deliver mobile device and application management across popular platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android
  •   Maximize productivity with Intune-managed Office mobile apps and extend mobile application management to line-of-business apps with the Intune app wrapper
  •   Provide access to corporate resources on devices based upon enrollment and compliance policies
  •   Simplify administration via a single management console in the cloud with Intune or on-premises through integration with the included licensing for System Center Configuration Manager

Information Protection

Microsoft Azure AD Premium and Azure Rights Management can help protect your corporate assets:

  •   Encrypt files and protect them by applying policies that tie back to your Azure AD identity
  •   Restrict the ability to forward individual files or even copy and paste information from protected documents
  •   Audit and monitor access to protected files – even those that leave your organization’s boundaries
  •   Tight integration with Office applications, Office 365 and on-premise Exchange and SharePoint
  •   Simple and easy to deploy with all the scalability that comes with a cloud solution

Identity-driven Security

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Cloud App Security and Advanced Threat Protection adds a critical layer of security to protect your data:

  •   Helps protect against malicious attacks, abnormal behavior, security issues, and risks on-premises and in the cloud
  •   Detect suspicious activities and malicious attacks with behavioral analytics
  •   Gain visibility, control and protection for cloud-based apps