Data Protection and Storage

We believe that data is the heart of our customer's business. Next to people, the information on our processes, our clients, and our solutions can be invaluable. Interlink helps ensure protection of this critical data from a variety of threats. These include software errors, hardware failures, server room calamities, natural disasters, and the dreaded human mistake.

Interlink Cloud Advisors is an advocate of cloud backup strategies. By utilizing the cloud, customers are physically separating their data from their environment. This separation by itself can significantly reduce the risk of data loss. This technology is now mature and costs are coming down on a regular basis. Options include the ability to keep a copy of the backups on a locally based disk that allows for quick restores. Advanced options will even allow for the spin up of virtual machines on the backup device itself.

  • Backup planning, installation, configuration, and scheduled testing
  • Server redundancy, virtualization, and site recovery
  • Disaster recovery planning – simple plans all the way to geographic redundant hardware configurations that can fail over in real time
  • Determination of business needs for data protection including Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)