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Teams Workshop & Assessment

Learn how to use Teams to connect and create in brand new ways & see if you qualify for Microsoft funding.

Microsoft’s Cloud Economic Assessment

Security Workshop

Helping you to assess your security landscape and address demanding security goals and challenges.

Microsoft’s Cloud Economic Assessment

Azure Sentinel Workshop

Helping you better understand all the features of Azure Sentinel and how your organization can get the most out it.

Microsoft’s Cloud Economic Assessment

Compliance Workshop & Assessment

Get a full understanding of compliance and best practices for your environment & see if you qualify for funding.

Microsoft’s Cloud Economic Assessment

Microsoft’s Cloud Economic Assessment

Provides you the necessary data and recommendations to help you decide if the cloud is right for you.

Areas of Expertise Interlink

Our Areas of Expertise

View our areas of expertise.

Azure Optimize Workshop

Interlink will show you how to get the most out of your Azure investment.

Azure Energize

Deploy Azure with full integration into your network in less than two days.

CloudLink 365

3 Ways, 6 Steps, & 5 Deliverables to help you determine how the cloud can benefit your company.

EMS Energize

Quick start POC that empowers your enterprise mobility and protects your intellectual property for up to 25 users.

All Available Assessments &
Proof of Concepts

Discover Microsoft funding programs that may be available to your company through Interlink.